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What is a Digital Engineer?

Engineers, by nature, create trust. They’re scientists, inventors, designers, builders and great thinkers. They’re the ultimate safe pair of hands, bringing together planning, architecture and design to create the things we rely on without a second thought.

When implementing digital projects, the same skills are needed.

Technology is rapidly increasing the pace of change. The scale of digital integration across systems, applications and internal departments can feel overwhelming.

Stakeholders, customers, staff; they all have high expectations. They expect robust, secure and user-friendly digital experiences. Organisations also require connectivity and data acquisition across their digital architecture for future strategic planning. Making all this work seamlessly, for the long term, is the challenge.

This is where digital engineers thrive, guiding organisations through the development of interactive systems that meet changing user expectations over the long term.

The Digital Engineer Difference

Digital engineers build for the future. They identify, plan and develop technology for long-lasting business benefit. A digital engineer identifies digital’s role in the overall strategy; essential when a project is expected to create value for years rather than months.

Choosing a digital partner that understands this strategic context is vital. Many organisations fall into the trap of leading with creative and design and run the risk that the technology soon becomes obsolete. Sadly, extra investment is often required when the mid-to-long term strategic requirements become clearer.

Equally, a purely IT or development-led approach may lead to poor user experience, which can be difficult, and potentially costly, to remedy.

Digital engineers avoid these pitfalls, increasing ROI, by helping organisations recognise their digital ambition. This ambition varies depending on business strategy and existing IT systems. Digital ambition drives the digital evolution an organisation should take:

Why You Need Digital Engineers

Digital engineers see the big picture, navigating the fine line between technical, functional and business objectives to optimise the user experience. They integrate digital systems with existing infrastructure with minimal disruption. They engineer large-scale transformations with secure and stable applications that deliver business growth.

Digital Engineers are a new breed of digital expert that help clients overcome today’s digital challenges and exceed user expectations.

Ask yourself the question: what’s your digital ambition? Transformation or optimisation? Whether you know or are unsure, you need Speedwell’s digital engineers to guide you.






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