Effective digital strategy development requires organisations to think about the entirety of their digital activities and interactions. It is about understanding your audience and their relationship with the technologies they use, the goals of your business, and how you generate sales.

To ensure that your digital strategy and effort aligns with your business objectives, we first seek to understand your business short and long-term goals and what success means to your business. This process enables us to uncover what tools you need to deliver and sustain an effective presence in the digital arena.





Business analysis is an integral stage in any web or app development project. The business analyst frames the outlook for the project and plays a central role in aligning the capabilities delivered by information technology with the needs of your business.

The first step is to deep dive into your business environment to fully understand your needs (not simply expressed desires). The best solution for your business may be IT related, non-IT related, or some combination of the two. Working together with you from the beginning, they set the stage for success by accurately planning and clearly defining for you the expected outcomes.



User Experience (UX) can encompass a lot of factors from accessibility, usability, design, utility and overall interaction, however it is the emotion and connection that a user feels with your website that will influence how they feel about your brand. Investing in good UX is necessary to quickly gain trust and establish a positive brand experience.

Speedwell takes an informed design approach. To ensure good UX practices are implemented into your website we first understand your user’s needs and behaviours. A combination of research, design and usability testing will be delivered to produce an optimised user experience.





From architecture, through development, implementation and quality assurance, Speedwell’s team develop innovative, responsive websites and web applications that successfully integrate eCommerce solutions. Our primary objective is to deliver an overall exceptional user experience.

Our process is to gain a clear understanding of your business operations, objectives and target customers. Our web development team then implement the latest technologies to deliver a technically sound and robust platform.





Businesses need to consider how their customers will access, view and interact with their products and services on mobile devices. Speedwell works closely with our clients to develop the most effective strategy for providing mobility solutions to their customers. Where appropriate, we encourage our clients to invest in enterprise mobile apps and consider how mobile technology can assist in achieving their business objectives.

Our mobile development team are focused on developing integrated, enterprise class mobile apps for Smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows) and Tablets (iPad, Surface, Samsung). We continue to invest in the future of mobile development by performing research and development into tomorrow’s technology including wearable devices such as Google Glass, Motorola Moto360 watch and Apple Watch.





Integrating great User Interface (UI) design and layout into web and mobile solutions can only be achieved when creative consideration is embedded in the project from the ground up. Your brand’s proposition and personality should spring to life through your website to create an engaging visual experience and an enjoyable interaction for the user.

Our creative team are experts in crafting a visual language that communicates the story of your brand. In collaboration with our UX designers, they strive to create an optimal brand experience by understanding how your customer will react and interact with the look and feel of your website.





Digital transformation is the change of business and organisational activities and processes. It is a journey whereby technology is used to reimagine or reinvent these processes and actions, to streamline operations, and/or accelerate growth. Such a journey requires all areas of the business to be in alignment with business objectives.

Speedwell work closely with your team to conduct a thorough analysis of your current situation, across business, marketing and technology. The result is a strategic roadmap that focuses on quality solutions that enable your organisation to move forward with your digital transformation journey.



The application landscape is far too critical to fail, yet running and improving applications at times can be complex for IT departments to handle by themselves, or problematic for those who don’t have the resources.

Speedwell delivers support and maintenance services that remove uncertainty and risk. We ensure you get the best return for your application portfolio through continuous support, improvement and insights. Our services include: service desk support, post incident reviews, active environment management, application management, data management, data support and infrastructure management.



Growing networks, disruptive technologies, and the range of interconnected devices leaves businesses open to security vulnerabilities which demand a heightened degree of security management.


Speedwell helps your business better manage security complexity. During our planning, implementation and maintenance phases, we assess, plan, test, monitor and review. As part of our proposal to you we conduct an IT Security Health Check which is implemented and audited by an external qualified security assessor.



A database is the core of almost every web application. A well designed database management system will enhance business operation on many levels by: reducing complexity, increasing efficiency and productivity; and enabling scalability of your business.


Our development team build database applications from scratch as well as re-build, support and extend database systems. We are focused on building high-performing, customised database applications that are robust, versatile and optimised to deal with huge volumes of data.  



The highly collaborative and more efficient nature of the agile project methodology means that IT departments can deliver value to the business through optimal project outcomes. Products or services can be delivered with higher frequency, and greater customer satisfaction can be achieved through rapid and continuous delivery.

Our agile process is based on the industry standard Scrum process. Enterprise organisations outsourcing their projects will benefit from Speedwell’s agile project management tested methodologies. Our team have extensive experience in working together to maximise project delivery in line with the allocated time and budget. We ensure that your team is involved the whole way and that you have visibility at every step.



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