Agile projects are three times more likely to succeed than projects managed with traditional methodologies, such as Waterfall.

Despite this, we still see some businesses and government departments alike, wince at the possibility of using Agile methodologies to run a project when working with an external digital agency.

In this whitepaper you will discover:

  • Reasons to partner with a digital agency
  • Understand the blockers and how to overcome them
  • 6 Critical success factors to make agile work

Great Whitepaper! My team love the insights and I am now empowered to overcome my project's blockers.

- Drew S, Project Manager


Discover how feedback tools can be used to evolve your digital capabilities and improve your customer's experience.
JOHN KING, 12 Apr 2019
Dossiere, will be showcased at the Public Sector Innovation Show, demonstrating the distribution, integration and collaboration benefits of the app for Government.
S.AYLOTT, 19 Mar 2019
Of all the elements in a website or app interface, the Call-to-Action (CTA) button is one of the most important to get right.
ROD BLAXELL, 22 Feb 2019

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