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Panalitix approached Speedwell to enhance their SaaS service with the goal of it becoming the primary revenue generator for their business.



Panalitix is committed to improving the efficiency of its clients’ operations. It does this through coaching, consulting and a suite of SaaS applications. As this was a major shift in revenue strategy involving a completely new digital system, Panalitix needed to digitally transform.

Speedwell approached the project holistically. We instinctively saw the necessary steps required to identify the business, and complete technical and functional requirements to create a range of user-centric services that would drive revenue growth.


Working with the Panalitix leadership team, Speedwell delivered the requirements of this project in three key stages.
  • Stage 1 – Investigating the business model and existing software.
  • Stage 2 – Creating the technical, functional and business objectives specification.
  • Stage 3 – Design & build the application


With an initial consultation process, Speedwell demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the Panalitix business. A recommendation report was submitted establishing the guiding principles for future product development that would direct the rest of the project. With adoption of the report by the Panalitix Executive Team, Speedwell produced a Strategic Development Plan (SDP) that included:
  1. Documenting the current state of the software.
  2. Conducting product development focus workshops to decide on the components of the future state Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  3. With best practice user experience as the guiding principle, defining the functionality of these modules in depth; and
  4. Establishing a Project Plan for design and development of the MVP, including budget and timeline.

With actionable findings from across Speedwells business and functional teams, the SDP outlined how the system would function, be administered and be monetised. Once approved, detailed specification and application development commenced.

Taking a modular approach and applying significant studio resources with careful project management, the complex project was undertaken to an aggressive timeline. Key to meeting the timeframe was the ability to complete business analysis and user experience design for some of the components, while development and user acceptance testing (UAT) proceeded on others. As the project progressed, Speedwell were able to provide guidance on the strategic features, pricing and user management to add further value.


The Marketing Hub module was designed to help communicate more regularly with clients using expert-produced stories to include in newsletters, articles and social posts. Marketing Hub provides the following easy to use functions:
  • Searchable content library with content ready for publishing.
  • Customisable campaigns that can be scheduled for automatic sending.
  • Editing functions to personalise selected content.
  • Custom branded newsletter emails that can be previewed prior to sending.
  • Sharing videos and articles from the content library to a dedicated blog.
  • Integrated analytics to track campaign performance.


The first modules are live and Panalitix is already marketing and selling its transformed SaaS product. Future modules are being planned as Panalitix continues its transformation journey. Speedwell’s digital engineers continue to provide multi-disciplinary expertise to enhance features and provide a real cost-effective digital transformation service without the risk.

Several of the Panalitix modules are integrated with each other so clients can logically progress from contact data entry, to defining sales opportunities and to marketing to identified leads in a logical format. A useful dashboard assists in providing actionable insights from a single page, that plugs in useful data depending on the modules used by that client. The result is a seamless system catered to individual client needs.
  • Launched a series of successful SaaS platforms that transformed the Panalitix revenue strategy.
  • Modularised the system to service individual client requirements.
  • Improved efficiencies and increased revenue for Panalitix’s clients.
  • Boosted client referrals and leads using a refined sales method delivered in an easy to use online format.
  • Increased hourly rates for Accountancy firms using the Panalitix system.
  • Enabled Panalitix’s client to become thought leaders without the time and effort required to source and write insightful content.

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