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The Split Easy web application was developed to transform the complicated, emotional and often expensive journey of divorce/separation, into a simplified and cost effective solution that made the process much easier to deal with.


Traditional divorce/separation settlements can be a costly and elaborate exercise that usually dredges up a range of emotions throughout the process. Split Easy noticed a gap in the marketplace to provide an online system that could step separating couples through a simplified process that was structured to comply with the law, yet achieved economical family settlements.

Speedwell had the challenge of simplifying this historically complex legal system into a solution that people could easily understand and use. Our approach was to undertake in-depth business analysis, balanced with a human-centred approach to ensure the strict criteria of settlement was provided, but with a streamlined approach that reduced the stress usually involved in undertaking the process.


In collaboration with Split Easy, Speedwell identified the following key requirements that would make the solution a success.
  • An easy to use system that helps identify the assets held within the relationship.
  • A fair system for providing a split percentage of the various assets.
  • Providing a framework for reaching agreement on the splitting of assets.
  • Providing a living arrangements manager for parties who have children together.
  • Producing legal documentation the parties can use for submission to the Family Law Court.


Speedwell identified the complexity of the traditional approach to the divorce/separation process, and ran a series of business analysis workshops to understand the process involved, so that it could be mapped and translated into a simplified solution by Speedwell’s user experience team.

Using an early prototype, Speedwell coordinated and ran usability testing with people who have previously been through the arduous task of separation to ensure the solution was effective, efficient and easy to use. This allowed Speedwell to validate the prototype with real people who had insights into the process, which then helped create a better user experience.

Using feedback from usability testing, allowed Speedwell to refine the user experience to ensure the flows within the system were not complex, and validated that the proposed solution was suitable and easy to use.


This module was designed to facilitate the final negotiation of splitting of assets and allows the parties to:
  • Identify who retains various items.
  • Identify what items need to be sold and how the proceeds will be divided.
  • Ensure the assets and liabilities are consistent with the net asset split agreed between both parties.
  • Reduce the stress each person experiences during negotiation, by allowing each party to complete their suggested asset and liability division before submitting them to the other person to review, approve or provide feedback on adjustments to elements of the division.


A supportive and easy to use experience was designed to ensure people could navigate their way easily through a process that is traditionally very stressful and complicated. A streamlined approach to collecting the necessary legal information was created, where the person filling out the necessary information could focus on particular information, without getting overwhelmed by the entire process.

A set of modules were designed to take the user through the logical steps required to identify information required for the final legal documentation. The design, language used and the format of the platform was ironed out through rigorous usability tests, to ensure the system was easy to use and suitable for people undergoing separation.

The solution simplifies the separation process, makes it as pain-free as possible and substantially reduces the costs that usually arise from family lawyers. After being guided through the step-by-step process, formal legal documentation is provided for lodgement with the Family Law Court.
  • Thorough business analysis that maps legal requirements into a step-by-step approach to information gathering.
  • Usability testing with real people to ensure the platform is easy to use and that provides a simplified user experience.
  • Innovative features that guide the user through the formal process of separating in an easy to use format.
  • Reduced the cost of separation from what could be in the tens of thousands of dollars to a settlement between $1,499 and $2,500.
  • An efficient platform that reduces the time involved in the resolution of family law matters from up to 18 months or longer, down to a matter of a few months.


Speedwell in conjunction with eHealth Qld developed an interactive Proof of Concept, which is a culturally appropriate and interactive educational solution for Indigenous kids to teach them about health and wellbeing.






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