Allianz’s various platforms, end-users and intermediaries process thousands of policies, payments and claims across the entire travel and travel insurance industry.




Allianz initially engaged Speedwell to help them develop the first online travel insurance platform in Australia. This would help to position them as the market leader in each of their insurance offerings. A suite of additional projects including B2C and Partner Sales Model (B2B2C) platforms followed.

Key considerations across each of the projects included: management of multiple hosting platforms and vendors; use of rigorous development guidelines and internal test regimes; and adherence to compliance, security and privacy legislation.


Building and operating Allianz’s online service offering required a high level of end-user and stakeholder engagement to manage Allianz Partners and work effectively with Allianz’s internal IT and Business teams.

Speedwell designed, constructed, supported and maintained over 120 brands for Allianz Global Assistance and their partners in the AsiaPac region. The services delivered included technical and solutions architecture, project management, Business Analysis, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design, web development, mobile development (iPhone and Android), Quality Assurance and maintenance.


Functional tools were integrated into multiple insurance platforms. These included: Decision Support Tools to allow automated decisions to be made on underwriting acceptance and pricing of pre-existing medical conditions of policy holders; Service Finders to help international students find medical practitioner and health service providers; and Self-Service and User Accounts giving policy holders the ability to manage, update, upgrade, renew and register claims on various insurance classes.


Today Allianz Global Assistance holds more than 60% of the Australian travel insurance market by revenue, delivering this through partner brands, sites and mobile applications. In 7 years Speedwell designed and constructed, supported & maintained more than 80 digital platforms for Allianz Global Assistance and their partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Speedwell’s suite of Allianz projects include B2C skinnable integrated solutions, B2B call centre portals, client-specific extranets and flash banners that integrate with existing web sites, allowing quoting and initial fulfilment processing from third-party sites.

  • Design, construct, support & maintenance of over 80 digital platforms.
  • Compliance with Australian information privacy and security legislation
  • Control of personally identifiable information
  • Adherence to best practice security guidelines

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