Brisbane Airport Corporation needed an app that would give travellers greater efficiency in managing their travel to Brisbane, and have multi-lingual capabilities to cater for the Asia market. 




Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) approached Speedwell to define and develop an iPhone app as part of their overall digital strategy. The desired outcome was to make the traveller experience seamless and efficient, and cater for the growing visitor market from Asia.


Creating an information rich, easy to navigate and multi-lingual app required a deep understanding of the workings of the airport, the in-terminal experience for the traveller, and their pre and post trip requirements.


Speedwell collaborated with multiple business units at Brisbane Airport including their marketing and IT units to understand the entire traveller journey and the kind of features that would produce a great user experience. Research from QUT was also leveraged to provide deeper insight into the traveller’s needs.

The outcome is an app that gives travellers instant access to information about departures and arrivals, parking products, pricing and pre-booking, shopping and dining, terminal maps, directions and navigation to the airport, and the ability to explore events and things to do in Brisbane.


The collaboration with BAC saw the development and launch of Australia’s first airport app with Apple Watch compatibility. The complementary Apple Watch experience was implemented into the award-winning BNE app to provide users with the ability to view information at a glance as they travel through the airport.

The BNE airport app for Apple Watch allows wearers to view flight details, receive notifications and access their stored parking location. Wearers can also access their Departure Card via their Apple Watch, enabling an even more streamlined and efficient procedure during the check-in process.



The BAC app provides a sleek, easy to use interface that gives travellers greater efficiency in managing their travel in and out of Brisbane.

Minimising travel related stress by giving travellers the ability to forward plan results in an overall positive experience. The in-terminal experience can be considered a welcome extension to any business trip or holiday.

As additional languages become available in the future, more and more foreign travellers will have peace of mind in their ability to confidently navigate the airport experience.

  • New mobile app
  • Sleek, easy to navigate interface
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Information rich data on airport, Brisbane & surrounds
  • Greater efficiencies in managing travel

This is Queensland Mobile App

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