A content rich, highly visual website redesign helped to showcase the vibrancy of Brisbane Festival and create excitement through social engagement.




Every September Brisbane’s arts scene comes alive with three weeks of mind-blowing Brisbane Festival entertainment. Presenting outstanding art experiences across music, theatre, dance, circus and comedy, the festival culminates in a city-wide celebration attracting crowds of half a million people for Sunsuper Riverfire.

Speedwell was engaged in the lead up to Brisbane Festival’s 2015 ticket launch. The Brisbane Festival team needed a solution that would be quick-to-market, enable greater creative control and have the ability to quickly deploy content. For the festival goer it needed to bring the festival to life through vibrant imagery, rich content and high social media engagement.


Speedwell re-developed the website on Umbraco, an off-the-shelf Content Management System. Umbraco was specifically chosen in order to meet the need for a quick-to-market solution. The solution would provide an initial set of simple-to-populate templates, autonomy in content creation and tighter budget control.

With a focus on efficiency and ease of management, the site integrated with two external platforms for production management and ticketing to remove the need for double entry of content across platforms. In addition, the site was architected to support Umbraco Courier for greater automation and ease of content deployments.



Being an experience-led and highly visual event the site was designed for an optimised mobile experience and featured prominent image and video banners for in-site engagement. A content rich experience was created via image galleries, media reviews and recommendations of similar events. The ability to bookmark events to benefit from multi-tix discount purchases resulted in higher conversions.

The Stackla social media aggregator was used to live-feed social content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter resulting in high social engagement and active in-festival conversation.

  • Website redesign
  • Umbraco CMS
  • Stackla social media aggregator
  • Rich, visual content
  • Social Media engagement

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