Prowler Proof’s refreshed, modern website provides an easy to use interface that has user experience and responsive design at the core of the creative process.




Prowler Proof’s vision was to position themselves as a market leader and innovator in the security screen industry. A website upgrade was considered a critical step towards realising this vision. A fresh online presence would transform how their customer viewed and interacted with the brand. The wanted a responsive, mobile-friendly website that would represent them as the easiest, fastest and safest supplier to deal with.


The existing website did not offer an optimal user experience and was not mobile responsive. Maintenance and updates were outsourced and therefore slow and costly. A successful project would produce: a mobile responsive website that could be maintained in-house; be optimised to improve search rankings and overall usability; and be built on a platform that would enable future advancements.


Speedwell, together with Prowler Proof’s marketing and IT departments, undertook a series of workshops to review existing product and customer data. This enabled the team to identify customer behaviours at different stages of the purchasing journey and understand the needs of different personas. This initial data analysis formed the foundation to apply effective UX techniques.


Through iterative prototyping, a user experience and information architecture was designed that led to significant improvements for the company’s website. These improvements included: A revised site map and page structure that made navigation easier; mega menu design with different user flows, calls to action in logical spots throughout the site; and a facility to find a Prowler Proof dealer near their location. Predictive search was utilised to narrow down a user’s suburb or postcode to produce the closest four dealers.


The new, award winning website provides an easy to use interface that has user experience and responsive design at the core of the creative process. With an aesthetically pleasing and balanced user interface the main call to actions are clear yet not overwhelming to the user.


The refreshed, modern website gives Prowler Proof a strong online presence that supports their brand awareness efforts and ability to drive effective and measurable marketing activities.

  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly website
  • User Experience (UX) design
  • Sitecore Web Content Management system
  • Predictive search capabilities
  • Interactive Media Awards winner, 'Best In Class' in the 'Retail' category for the new website


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