Speedwell's Pool Room just got a lot shinier

Speedwell’s Pool Room Just Got A Lot Shinier

Speedwell’s pool room got a lot shinier in November with the addition of three distinguished awards.


Speedwell is proud to receive the 2013 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia Award, a program recognising fast growing technology companies. This is the fourth time since 2007 that we have received this award. Speedwell was one of only five Queensland companies to receive this prestigious award. Full details of this years program can be found here.



Speedwell’s Dossiere product was recognised by the 2013 Brisbane Innovation Awards. This program awards businesses who use innovation to significantly contribute towards the sustainable, economic growth and prosperity of Brisbane – Australia’s New World City. The full 2013 Brisbane Awards Scorecard report can be accessed here.


Under the industry sector of Information Media and Telecommunication, Dossiere received recognition for it’s ability to allow key government and cabinet members to securely distribute highly sensitive documents using modern technological devices.


Speedwell was also credited for its overall approach to innovation, a key attribute to Speedwell’s processes of designing and implementing market leading digital solutions which help revolutionise businesses.


Last but not least, Speedwell also received a Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Award.


Deloitte made an interesting point that with 128 companies ranked in the top 500, China emerged this year as the market with the fastest growing companies in Asia Pacific. China’s ranking has improved year after year, rising from #2 behind Taiwan in 2012 and #3 in 2011 behind Taiwan and South Korea.


Deloitte also noted that the sector leading the list with 161 companies was software, which saw a notable increase from the 119 companies it claimed in the top 500 in 2012. The semiconductor, components and electronics sector saw a reduction to 116 companies in the top 500, forfeiting its top rank from 2012.


These awards are a huge credit to our staff’s talent and their tremendous efforts over the past few years.


We would also like to thank our clients who enable us to deliver world class products.

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