iOS 7 is here

Love it or hate it? iOS 7 is here!

Apple revealed the new iOS7 at their WWDC event on June 10, which created quite a discussion online. Apple’s transition from glossy icons and skeuomorphism to a simpler, minimalist approach and new features for the iOS7 UI has been met with both with praise and criticism.


While the move into a simpler, minimal design isn’t exactly new, as flat design is the trend in the world of web and interface design. Microsoft introduced their UI design – Metro in 2012 with the release of Windows 8 across their desktop and mobile platforms. Google, one of the biggest search engines on the web, has also undertaken a redesign of all their Google products following the minimalist, flat aesthetic. Check out Google Brand Guidelines.


Windows 8 phone

Windows 8 Phone


Google Rebrand across their products

Google Rebrand across their products


For Apple it’s a big change, it’s been six years since iOS 1 first came out and up until now there hasn’t been a major overhaul in it’s UI design. Apple has also gone for clarity, translucency, and depth with powerful new text layout tools and dynamic type that respect the design principles of iOS 7. The introduction of paralytics also enforces a sense of depth and hierarchy of content. You can either love it or hate it but one things for sure it’s here and do we really know what impact its going to have on the app market.


(Check out the iOS timeline here It was time for a new change but not everyone is impressed.


News screens


The main criticisms iOS7 has received are that designs are inconsistent, look unfinished and the new UI functions are similar to other UI systems.


A lot of discussion has surrounded the home screen and the icon designs. Comments such as the colour palette feels very generic, childish, the icons look like they’re still in the design stage. There’s some inconsistent in the design of the icons with some icons utilising just flat colours, while others use gradients. Then there’s the Game Centre that use to feature a gaudy green casino-board design, has now been replaced with glossy floating spheres, which is quite odd since the high gloss look hasn’t been used anywhere else.


Home screen


While the reveal of iOS7 hasn’t had the greatest reactions all round, it has however created dialogue amongst the design community. Designers are already producing their own concepts and redesigns of the iOS7 interface with design blogs across the web showcasing these designs; they’re definitely worth checking out. (


Moving forward into this new phase of iOS 7, we as specialist in the digital world need to be prepared for what’s to come. Not only are we having to consider retina graphics to non retina we need to consider a whole new look and feel from old to new apps. There will be a distinct difference in how things will look and function so as designs this will be a new and exciting time, pushing and exploring new boundaries. Our design team are already exploring and collaborating with our iOS team to refresh some of our current applications to make it look more ” iOS 7″.


It will be interesting to see how our favourite apps will evolve to suit iOS7, which was released last month.

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