Consumer Psychology and the eCommerce Checkout

Understanding Consumer Behaviours on E-Commerce Checkouts – An Infographic

Digital platforms provide businesses access to a vast amount of data. This information can be used for market research and insights to better understand online consumer behaviour. A highly researched area of online consumer behaviour is factors influencing a users’ final purchasing decision on an eCommerce checkout. A poor buying user experience can greatly hinder the success of an online business. It’s important for eCommerce sites to provide customers a user friendly checkout process to achieve long term success and maximise sales.


Perfecting the numerous touch points throughout the purchase process can be timely and costly for businesses. A/B testing has been around a long time and for good reasons. This form of testing allows businesses to explore the impact between two options that aim to enhance the buying experience and increase sales. These differences can be as significant as having one long checkout page, or segmenting the payment process into 5 shorter pages, or an incremental change such as changing the colour of a button to red or blue so it’s more prominent and will increase the number of click throughs.


A big difference between an online purchase from one in a physical shop is the number of verbal and visual cues. The steps for purchasing a product in a brick and mortar shop allows the customer to simply find the product, assess if it’s the right product by using various senses such as looking, touching, feeling and asking questions if unsure, and finalised by walking up to a shop counter to complete the transaction. The number of steps, processes and limitations in place to make an online purchase can greatly vary, and at times be overly complicated. Customers can often be left feeling confused and frustrated, forcing them to give up and abandon their shopping cart. For this reason it’s important to provide as many clear visual cues to aid customers from start to finish of the purchasing process.


Vouchercloud’s infographic below, which looks at consumer behaviour on eCommerce checkouts, highlights some valuable tips for creating a rich online checkout experience:


  • Clear call to action buttons: guide the consumer through the process with clearly labelled and eye catching buttons
  • Visual steps of the checkout process: visually illustrate what step in the checkout process customers are in, so realistic expectations are set to minimise frustration
  • K.I.S.S: ‘Keep it simple stupid’ is a common term used to emphasise the importance of simplicity so consumers don’t become distracted
  • Back buttons: give customers the control to go back and amend their order


Vouchercloud’s infographic highlights the importance of the website’s visuals, with 92.6% of people saying that visuals are the top influential factor affecting a purchase decision. In the first 90 seconds of being on a website a customer will have already formed an initial judgement of whether they’ll purchase a product or not. Interestingly 57% of respondents reported they wouldn’t have bought an item from an e-commerce site if they didn’t have a coupon, with 76% claiming that ‘same day delivery’ for their order isn’t an important factor in their purchasing decision.


Understanding Consumer Behaviours on E-Commerce Checkouts – An Infographic


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