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Mobile apps no user should be without
J.O'Connor POSTED ON 11 Jul 2014

Mobile Apps No User Should be Without

Are you wondering what kind of app can help you in your day to day life? There is an array of apps available for users today and I wanted to share some of the interesting and helpful apps I use on my iPhone 5 in everyday life.



Go Brisbane Screenshots

#1: Go Brisbane

The Go Brisbane app is great for people in Brisbane who use the various means of public transport but don’t have a timetable available. Some of the main features include:


  • a journey planner to plan out your trip
  • the choice for multi-segment trips (can mix trains/buses/ferries)
  • display of the departure and arrival platform numbers
  • ability to  save a favourite route for future reference
  • check the different stop times and dates
  • even easily reverse the trip


Just to name a few!


This app will set you back only a few dollars; $3.79 but is well worth the money. I use the app daily to check if I need to make a run for the train or if I’ve got time to walk. It’s also very helpful if I’m going somewhere new and know the departure and arrival destination but not how or when I can get there. The app is user-friendly and helpful to get you into and around Brisbane. It can also be downloaded at additional costs for various cities around the world.


The Go Brisbane app is available for iPhone and Android devices, for more information visit the app stores here:



Sleep Cycle screenshots


#2: Sleep Cycle

The Sleep Cycle app is an intelligent alarm clock that analyses your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase which is a more natural way to wake up helping you to feel rested and relaxed in order to start your day.


It monitors your movement during sleep using the extremely sensitive accelerometer in your iPhone. The app then finds the optimal time to wake you up during a 30 minute window that ends at your set alarm time. Sleep Cycle also graphs your different sleep phases during the night and averages this out for 10 days, 3 months and all days monitored; allowing you to review your sleep patterns over a period of time.


This app has regular updates and is well maintained, it is a paid app but a small cost of $1.29. Include in the last update was a heart rate monitor which measures your resting heart rate every morning by using the camera and flash in your iPhone. It simulates a natural sunshine to give you an even softer wake-up.


Other additions include a sleep note section which allows you to track when you drink tea or coffee, eat late, or have had a stressful day; all of which can affect your sleeping patterns. It can also play music to wake you and you can customise the music by either selecting from a list provided by the app or it integrates with your iTunes playlist.


This is a great app to monitor your sleeping patterns to see if you had a good night’s rest and is a useful tool to wake you up at your optimum time for a great start to your day.


The Sleep Cycle app is available for iPhone and Android devices, for more information visit the app stores here:


Duolingo screenshots.


#3: Duolingo

Duolingo is a free language learning and crowd-sourced text translation platform that engages users using game mechanics such as challenges, mastery, feedback and leader-boards. There are 6 languages to choose from in this fantastic fun app, it offers you with the opportunity to learn that second language you’ve always wanted to know. It uses a variety of verbal and written communication, both in your fluent language and the second language you’ve selected to learn. I find this is one of the main reasons the app is so successful, as it makes you translate between the two different languages in a multitude of ways. There are three options when practicing; you can play against a human, a robot or just by yourself. This adds an exciting interactive online experience to the app.


Duolingo has also been awarded Apple app of the year 2013 and Google Play’s Best of the Best 2013.


The Duolingo app is available for iPhone, Android and Window devices, for more information visit the app stores here:


Melody screenshots


#4: Relax Melodies

This is a free app used for personalised relaxation and sleep assistance. To create relaxing melodies you can select sounds and tunes that you like and combine them to create a mix of your own. It can be used for going to sleep, meditation, massages, practicing yoga or even helping to put your baby to sleep!


The app has 50 ambient sounds, 2 binaural beats and 4 brainwave beats, allowing you to mix up to 10 sounds altogether if you wish. The app also boasts an Oriental Meditation version, specialising in oriental music for a more unique sound.


You have the option to pay and upgrade which offers additional sounds and added features such as blog access to tips and articles.


Relax Melodies was awarded Amazon’s Top Best Apps of 2012 as well as The Best & Most popular sleep aid app.

The Relax Melodies app is available for iPhone and Android devices, for more information visit the app stores here:




These are just some of the fantastic and interesting apps available today on the market, I strongly encourage you to start searching and you’ll be amazed at what you might find and learn.




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