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Brisbane Airport Corporation Apple Watch
G. Rutten POSTED ON 29 Sep 2015

Speedwell and Brisbane Airport innovation partnership continues to deliver…

Speedwell partnered with Brisbane Airport (BNE) to develop and launch Australia’s first airport app with Apple Watch compatibility. The complementary Apple Watch experience was implemented into the award-winning BNE app to provide users with the ability to view information at a glance as they travel through the airport.


“The updated version of the BNE App continues to provide passengers with essential information at their fingertips and our adaptation into making this App compatible with Apple Watch was an innovative yet natural evolution.” …Roel Hellemons, General Manager of Strategic Planning and Development Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)


The BNE airport app for Apple Watch allows wearers to view flight details, receive notifications and access their stored parking location and departure card.


The world’s first digital departure card, collaboratively developed by Speedwell and Brisbane Airport, allows travellers to pre-fill their departure card through the Brisbane Airport mobile app ready for easy transfer at a Departure Card Kiosk. The feature was introduced to the mobile app last year and has now been extended to allow wearers to access the stored Departure Card via their Apple Watch, enabling an even more streamlined and efficient procedure during the check-in process.


In addition to the information available on the watch, the iPhone and Android mobile apps also provide the ability to book parking, access airport maps, driving directions, details of shopping and dining options as well as information about Brisbane as a destination.


Speedwell is proud to be partnered with Brisbane Airport Corporation during their journey and implementation of world-class digital innovations.


Technical Information: App Details

On a technical level, all three watch interface options were considered in the development of this Watch app: Rich Notifications, Glances and the Watch App itself.


Rich Notification


Rich Push Notification

On the Apple Watch, a Rich Notification can be designed like any other watch interface, allowing for a more complete and informative message rather than a simple text message displayed to the user.


For Brisbane Airport, we designed a rich notification to provide more details of the flight, adding carrier information along with flight origin and destination to the information being displayed. Tapping the notification opens the watch app and displays the most current information for the notified flight.





Glances are available in the Apple Watch interface by swiping up from the default screen and then swiping left or right to navigate through the various glances. They are intended to provide a quick summary or status information from a variety of apps and are limited to a single screen of information. They are non-interactive, with the exception that when tapped, they launch the associated app.


The Brisbane Airport Watch app glance allows the user to have their saved flight information quickly available. This eliminates the need to search for it or navigate through menus – just swipe up from the watchface to get the relevant flight information. Due to the limited display size, only a single flight is shown at a time and subsequent saved flights will be shown after a short duration. The flight scheduled closest to the current time will always be shown first as it is the most relevant to the wearer at any time.


Main Menu


Apple Watch App

The watch app itself provides the real watch functionality allowing the user to interact and access the features they require. On launching the Brisbane Airport Watch app, a wearer is presented with 4 options: Arrivals, Departures, My Trip and Parking.


Arrivals Board


Flight Detail


Arrival and Departure options provide quick access to a lightweight view of the arrival and departure boards at the airport. A number of recent and future flights with their status and current time is displayed as a scrollable list. Tapping on any item in the list will provide more information such as the gate number, baggage carousel, scheduled time and aircraft type.


My Trip


The My Trip option gives the wearer access to all the information they’ve prepared on their companion iPhone app. Previously saved flights, parking records and departure cards are all listed here for easy access. Flights are summarised on this screen, with details being obtained by tapping on the row in much the same way as it occurs in the arrival and departures feature. If a wearer has recorded details of their parking, then that too is made available in the My Trip listing. Parking location, floor and bay is available in the summary screen, while drilling into the detail will also provide the saved photo. Finally, all departure cards set up in the iPhone app are available from the watch. When a user approaches the Departure Card kiosk at the international terminal, they simply need to access the code on their watch to proceed.


The final option, Parking, brings to the watch screen details of the most recently recorded parking information, providing all information with ease.


To download the iPhone app, including the Apple Watch interface, visit iTunes Store.


The Android mobile app is also available on Google Play.




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