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B.Young POSTED ON 19 Aug 2016

Speedwell selected on the ‘Digital Service Professionals Panel

Speedwell is excited to announce that we have been successful in achieving a position on the Digital Service Professionals Panel of the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency (DTA).


The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) was created to work with government agencies, users and private sector partners to deliver a better experience for Australians using government services.


As part of the Prime Minister’s portfolio the Digital Service Standard ensures that digital teams will create systems that are simpler, clearer and faster for all users.


In accordance with this new initiative, the DTA offered an opportunity for businesses with digital expertise to work with government. Specifically, the DTA opened up the market with a new panel for digital and technology specialists to supply services to federal, state and territory government departments. A Request for Tender was offered to suppliers interested in providing agile digital services that meet the Digital Service Standard.


The Digital Service Standard:


  1. Understand user needs
  2. Have a multi-disciplinary team
  3. Agile and user-centered process
  4. Understand tools and systems
  5. Make it secure
  6. Consistent and responsive design
  7. Use open standards and common platforms
  8. Make source code open
  9. Make it accessible
  10. Test the service
  11. Measure performance
  12. Don’t forget the non-digital experience
  13. Encourage everyone to use the digital service


We congratulate the DTA on its forward-thinking digital agenda and look forward to our expanding role as a government service provider once the DTA Digital Marketplace goes live later this month.

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