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Prowler Proof App Screens
R.Blaxell POSTED ON 28 Sep 2016

Prowler Proof ‘Job Status App’ – A Success for Dealers and Customers

Improving Business Processes

Prowler Proof partners with a network of over 150 dealers across Australia who sell and install their extensive range of security door and window screens.


To further streamline their processes, Prowler Proof identified that dealers needed faster, more direct access to the manufacturing status of individual orders without having to phone the sales team when they received customer enquiries while out of their office. This information would also allow the dealers to provide superior service to customers via regular, up-to-date feedback about the exact status of their orders and the installation timeframes.


Speedwell collaborated with Prowler Proof to design and build an iPhone app which dynamically integrates with the ordering system, allowing dealers to quickly and efficiently obtain the status of active orders placed by their customers. The app has already proven to be an extremely useful tool for dealers and saves time for both them and the Prowler Proof team.


The feedback about the app is already very positive with many dealers stating that it is a real ‘game changer’ for their business as they are now able to retrieve data swiftly and easily from their iPhone or iPad.


How it Works

Prowler Proof dealers are able to:


Securely log into the app with their Prowler Proof dealer credentials.


Prowler Proof Home


Once logged in, the dealer can see all of their active orders for their customers in an easy to use interface. All of their active orders show the status of the item/s within the factory, so a dealer can confidently advise the customer when they receive a telephone enquiry. This also assists the dealer to schedule their installation bookings with confidence.


Prowler Proof Active Orders


Further details on each order can be displayed by selecting the desired order. Order data is then displayed on a new screen with important details such as:

  • Order Date
  • Job Number
  • Approximate Dispatch Date
  • Product Details
  • Price for various items within the order


Prowler Proof Order Data


Customer details associated with an order are easily accessible so a dealer can contact their customer with a single click by phone or email. Google maps integration allows the dealer to click the address of the customer, which then launches the native map app, allowing the dealer to know exactly where they need to travel for the door/window installation.


Prowler Proof Customer Details

An easy–to–use visual tutorial provides dealers with knowledge of the main features of the app.


Prowler Proof Log-in



Download the app on the App Store –





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