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Mental Health Gateway
B.Young POSTED ON 17 Oct 2017

Mental Health Gateway attracts media attention

The Federal Government’s recent procurement changes around IT services have enabled Speedwell to punch above its weight

The successful launch of the digital mental health gateway, was a major initiative for the Federal Government, one which has changed the playing field for small and medium sized IT services firms like Speedwell.


The positive media attention nationwide and the stream of Twitter chatter highlighted the support for smaller tech companies taking on big government projects. Reviewing the site, the Sydney Morning Herald stated that Brisbane tech companies [Speedwell and Liquid Interactive] were being recognised as industry front runners. We believe this is a telling story of the talent and entrepreneurial spirit emerging within the local tech scene.


Speedwell and Liquid Interactive were jointly awarded the $15m IT project and services contract which enabled us to demonstrate what a successful collaboration can look like from two competing firms.


Head to Health is without doubt one of Speedwell’s biggest successes in 20 years. The project has highlighted that small tech players can well and truly punch above their weight to deliver large scale projects on-time and under budget. Our small, agile teams can deliver big outcomes, quickly.


The Hon. Angus Taylor made a visit to the Speedwell office to meet the joint project team. He highlighted how the use of agile methodologies resulted in a fast and successful project deployment, however, was quick to add that the work had not stopped.


“We will keep monitoring the performance of different parts of this site, we will see how people are using it and we improve it. That’s a very different approach, that’s what the private sector does and that’s what the government needs to do too.”


For Speedwell, delivering a project of this significance makes us proud, particularly when we consider the positive impact it will have for so many Australians in need of assistance.


The digital gateway is part of the Federal Government’s $4 billion annual investment into mental health.


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