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Speedwell website
R.Blaxell POSTED ON 23 Oct 2017

Speedwell launches new website

We share our top tips to create a winning website

We recently brought our team together to work on something that we are very passionate about, our business! Speedwell has built digital solutions for some of Australia’s leading brands and the opportunity to revamp our own website was met with great enthusiasm.


Here we share the features we love most and the process we went through to deliver a solution we are all proud of.


What do we love about our new website?

  • The site has a solutions focus rather than a service oriented approach. We believe in uncovering the right solution for a client and then recommending the services that will best provide the solution. This has been reflected in the way we have structured and designed the site.
  • An exhaustive set of icons were designed to represent various aspects of those solutions.
  • Use of rich photographic images and graphics to help tell the Speedwell story in a visually exciting way.
  • Well-crafted copy that tells a story about each aspect of the Speedwell’s offering.
  • Call to Actions that encourage exploration or enquiry, depending on where prospective clients are in their journey.
  • A blog section that showcases featured posts and provides multiple options for the user to browse, filter, and search the type of content they are interested in.
  • A section for client stories that uncover the challenge, solution and results. Through the use of colour coding, tagging and a cool category filter, prospective clients can quickly see the breadth of our experience and the industry verticals we have worked in.
Client Stories
Client story design and presentation

So how did we go about creating our own website? Here's our best practice tips:


Set a clear vision

The Speedwell executive team had a clear vision when they approached the UX and Design team. Our job was to turn this vision into a website that was usable, aesthetically pleasing and rich in content. With an Agile delivery method our team worked closely to evolve the UX, design, marketing, development and quality assurance requirements for the project. Key objectives for the site were to:


  • Create a strong visual identity;
  • Clearly represent our brand proposition
  • Give users confidence in what we do
  • Generate enquiry


A series of workshops were conducted with key stakeholders within the Speedwell business to get a sense of the tone and content required for the site.


Our UX team then undertook competitor analysis to understand how the market was representing themselves online and to get a feel for user experience that would work best in a new Speedwell website.


Develop User Journey maps

User journey maps were developed with the aim of understanding our customer’s motivations, goals and needs throughout the new site. We then developed an interactive prototype using Sketch and InVision and made some tweaks to the design with an iterative approach. 


This approach ensured we could see and understand the interactions required for the site without getting into full development. Just as we would for any client, we then produced annotated wireframes so that page elements and key interactions were defined and understood by stakeholders and our developers.


Understand content requirements during the Concept Design phase

With our creative brief and style guide in hand, we then moved from wireframe stage to concept design. In tandem with this, our marketing team remained involved so that content requirements were understood and used within the design process.

Wireframe designs
Wireframe design and concept design


Choose the right Content Management System

The new Speedwell website was built using the Sitecore Experience Platform with best practice features in mind, such as responsive design, a flexible architecture and integrated marketing features. We used the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) to speed up the build phase of the website by using reusable components, layouts and templates, which in turn made the content entry quick and easy.


Throughout the entire process we asked ourselves what our users would want in this page or feature. We believe the result is a contemporary design that has beautiful iconography, a clean interface and user centred design approach.


What do you think of our new website?





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