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Head to Health wins Sitecore Experience Award

Head to Health delivers Best Web Content Experience using Sitecore Experience platform (XP)

Speedwell are proud to announce that the Head to Health project has won the Sitecore Experience Award for Best Web Content Experience in the Australia and New Zealand region. The project is a significant example of a user-centred online experience using the Sitecore Experience platform (XP).

Australian Government Digital Marketplace opportunity

The opportunity to build and operate the new digital mental health gateway,, was released by the Australian Department of Health via the Digital Marketplace. As a panellist of the Digital Transformation Agency, Speedwell won this major Government IT project by joining forces with digital designers, Liquid interactive.

In collaboration with the Australian Department of Health, the Head to health project set a new benchmark for co-design in the digital mental health sector. Equally, it is a significant example of a MVP delivered on-time and under budget using agile development.

About the project

The new online presence was to replace an existing site called MindHealthConnect - the overarching brief was to deliver an engaging user experience for Australians seeking access to high quality mental health advice and resources.

The strategy was to create a site with a robust search system that included four pathways: topic pages for context, search for quick discovery, chatbot for recommendations, and a crisis page for emergency support. Each path guides users through a common pool of resource cards, with sophisticated metadata enabling the right cards to be surfaced for the right needs.

Head to Health has shifted the utility from simply being a place to find information, to providing a deeper connection for visitors through User Experience (UX) design and curated content.

Sitecore products used

  • Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)
  • Sitecore Experience Manager(XM) web CMS
  • Sitecore XP with the Sitecore Experience Database (XdB)
  • Sitecore Federated Experience Manager

More about the Awards

The Sitecore Experience Awards is an annual, international competition that honours Sitecore’s customers and their partners for excellence in deploying a Sitecore solution to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

The 2018 Sitecore Experience Awards saw nearly 200 global entries in seven categories, with winners clearly demonstrating how the Sitecore platform was used to make significant, measurable progress in experience management for customers, business users, and stakeholders.

Nomination criteria for Best web content experience

An intuitive-to-navigate content experience that’s both clear and immediately comprehensible as well as rich, meaningful, and compelling. Content should fuel experiences in and across channels, be tagged and profiled according to a taxonomy, and map to customer personas and journeys. Interactive and visual experiences that deliver relevant information and brand value are considered higher value experiences.

About Speedwell

For more than two decades, government organisations and large corporations have entrusted Speedwell to take on their digital builds and deliver outcomes based on real business needs.

While innovation and forward-thinking solutions that help our clients' businesses are our focus, the commitment to mastering their most complex technical challenges has been the key to our success.

As technology has evolved exponentially, it's our ability to navigate its intricacies that has earned us a reputation for being the safest hands in the market.

Our specialist areas include business analysis, user experience, design, and enterprise-grade web and mobile development.




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