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Digital Optimisation: Sitecore Content Hub

Digital Optimisation: How to increase business efficiency?

Successful digital optimisation requires an extensive overhaul of all business activities, processes and human dependencies.


Every business has legacy processes, systems and operations which are costing business thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars a year in resource inefficiencies. Business appetite for marketing services (Brand Management, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Product & Services Marketing, Social Media Management and Print Management) is trending upwards so it's important to empower your marketing team with the right tools and technologies.

Digital technologies such as the Sitecore Content Hub can significantly improve your speed to market, reduce resources costs and improve overall accuracy in marketing operations.

Brands today manage thousands of digital assets to create engaging digital experiences for their customers. Leading organisations are quickly realising the necessity of augmenting their content management with world-class digital asset management capabilities to support the current content explosion and improve their marketing efficacy and efficiency in the process. Sitecore Content Hub version 3.4 offers enhanced Digital Asset Management (DAM) capability with leading edge innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and video capabilities, in addition to improving workflows and ease of use with extended integration to third-party solutions.





Sitecore Content Hub is a platform that unifies digital assets and removes boundaries between traditional marketing silos. It provides an integrated solution for Digital Rights Management (DRM), Marketing Resource Management (MRM), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) and Print Management.

With Sitecore Content Hub, content marketers and marketing operations teams can deliver campaigns, programs, and personalised experiences with ease and operational excellence.


1. Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management

Rights management for modern marketers can be a nightmare if mismanaged. It has become an important responsibility as a breach can mean litigation for businesses. As a marketer, I know first hand the mistakes that can be made with rights management compliance. If your business allows your business partners to use your assets, then a rights management tool is critical for tracking asset usage.

The use of professional photographers, cinematographers, user-generated content (UGC) and social media influencers, has led businesses to take immediate action and implement a rights management policy. If your business needs to keep track of rights and match intended use with what you’ve licensed, then Sitecore Content Hub solves this problem.

Rights profiles and the option to add contracts allows users to organise large sets of assets with sophisticated rules. If you don’t have the rights, there is a workflow to support the process of acquiring additional rights from 3rd parties.

2. Marketing Resource Management

Marketing Resources Management - Sitecore Content Hub - Speedwell Digital Engineers

Stop wasting time requesting status updates from your marketing team. With Sitecore Content Hub, users can now plan, schedule, and organise content production within the system. Achieving key deadlines for a busy team becomes easier with Sitecore Content Hub. The marketing resource management (MRM) dashboard allows users to quickly review task completion percentage, allocation and capacity.

You can now throw out that resource scheduling spreadsheet as Sitecore Content Hub now has scheduling capabilities!

Achieving key deadlines for an under-resourced team can be a juggling act. Sitecore Content Hub has the smarts to streamline your resourcing needs.

3. Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management - Sitecore Content Hub - Speedwell Digital Engineers

Digital Asset Management within the platform allows users to store, manage and distribute digital marketing assets - including photos, layouts, packaging artwork, video, 3D and source files in a centralised platform. The platform was designed to overcome business silos, reduce a team's dependency on studio resources and drives efficiencies with its centralised metadata repositories, digital and design assets as well as rights management. Below are the advanced features that will create efficiencies within your business.

Sitecore Content Hub also improves workflow and ease-of-use for DAM users who use Adobe Creative Cloud. With a DAM search panel, users can upload, check in, and check out assets from InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. They can preview work-in-progress within InDesign documents directly in the DAM without packaging, and package finished assets directly into the DAM from InDesign.

Advanced faceted Search

Advanced faceted search with Sitecore Marketing Hub allows users to complete full-text search and advanced search queries. Users can then save queries to their profile or share search queries with other users. The search capabilities can be tailored to a user's role and permissions, which is great for managing teams that require rules and region-based restrictions.

The platform allows users to preview search results in context allowing them to review images, videos and layouts on the fly. Users can also preview the contents of zip files right from the search results page.

Download and Convert

The digital asset management tool allows users to download original files, previews and final versions directly to their device.

How to Reduce Studio Briefing Time?

The tool gives users the ability to create new versions of an asset on the fly without input from studio resources. Users can quickly utilise predefined presets or custom conversion option variables to resize, change file format, colour type, crop and more. The platform has full integration with the best in breed media conversion and transcoding engines across every file type. The robust file framework ensures fast and scalable downloads including global distribution options.

Create and Upload

Take out the tedious effort of creating and indexing assets for search by using the drag-and-drop upload functionality that automatically adds metadata to assets with Sitecore Content Hub's machine learning capabilities. Users can also do manual edits should the automatic metadata not be precise.

Take control of your asset lifecycle

Sitecore Content Hub truly lets users control the whole lifecycle of their assets. It has extensive workflow rules allowing users to submit content with commentary for approval. On submit, managers receive a notification for action. The lifecycle of assets is completely tracked from draft to approval. Asset history, commentary, approvals, use and versions are also stored within the tool enabling auditing and traceability. It can be used as a collaboration tool, allowing departments to enrich content pages with real-time updates to product and commerce information. Brands have used this tool for implementing important embargo dates on confidential materials and product launches.

Is your business paying exorbitant annual fees for file distribution systems?

File distribution systems such as Dropbox Business, Google Drive, One Drive, Hightail and WeTransfer all have fees that stack up over time. Within Sitecore Content Hub, your file distribution costs are included in the cost of your annual fees. Sitecore Content Hub includes secure assets distribution via an encrypted secure download link which can be shared with external users for use.

Want to track marketing asset usage?

Sitecore Content Hub has extensive analytics and reports allowing users to track usage across digital and offline. The tool was created with analysis in mind, and allows permission-based users to design and create intelligent dashboards with usage statistics and actionable usage reports.

4. Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management - Sitecore Content Hub - Speedwell Digital Engineers

Management of product information can make a real difference to the bottom-line of a business. The Sitecore Content Hub PIM supports multiple brands, complex product ranges, lifecycle and localisation, making it the perfect tool for all your product information management needs.

Your eCommerce website is only as good as the data that is presented to your customers. PIM is a critical element of any digital transformation initiative and can generate the highest ROI for companies that have hundreds or thousands of product SKUs. A good PIM solution can help address a large number of business issues caused by inaccurate product data and the manual processes often used to manage it.

For ecommerce, a PIM is critical for increasing speed to market, consistency, accuracy, and completeness of your product information and media assets. It is also useful for managing promotions, food allergen information, real-time stock levels across all channels, lowering order and invoice discrepancies and is often used for driving resource savings.

5. Web to Print

Web to Print - Sitecore Content Hub - Speedwell Digital Engineers

Web-to-Print allows users to self-serve and automate collateral creation through structured templates and layouts. It has been extensively used in the FMCG franchisee industry to streamline catalogue, flyer and promotional print assets. In this industry, franchisees have access to a marketing portal and can manage their own print collateral within a few clicks.

Content Hub 3.4 now has enhanced Web to Print capabilities with direct integration to CHILI publisher. This will allow you to automate graphic production across digital and print publishing. This integration connects Content Hub data and assets to CHILI Smart Templates enabling preset customisable elements while embedding brand identity guidelines. Users can now self-service anywhere in the world with just a browser to deliver customized, brand-compliant, and ready-to-use printed assets at scale.

Brand management with a franchisees network can be a massive task for any marketing department. Inconsistency in visual communication is one of the most common mistakes in brand management. Your logo, images, brand colours and typography should be consistent, follow brand guidelines and create instant recognition for your customers. When it comes down to it, consistency instils trust and authenticity, and creates brand value, loyalty and potential future sales.

Speak to our team about your Digital Asset Management Project

Speedwell has implemented a number of digital asset management solutions for our clients. If you are interested in learning more about Sitecore Content Hub please feel free to get in contact with our team. Our team has over 10+ years of Sitecore experience designing on, building and extending Sitecore implementations for our clients. Speak with our team or complete an online to request more information about how we can partner with your team to implement Sitecore Content Hub into your business and drive real efficiencies and cost savings.

John King, Digital Marketing Technologist, Speedwell




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