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How to leverage video in your digital marketing strategy

How to leverage video in your digital marketing strategy

Learn how the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) increased website traffic by 33% and leads to local tourism operators by 96% by utilising video.

Video is an incredibly versatile medium that has quickly become the number one way to connect with consumers, viewers, and followers. Video Marketing has proven to play a big role in boosting brand awareness and spurring action by moving customers to the next stage of the purchase funnel.

South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) pushed the boundaries of traditional destination advertising by investing in YouTube's Masthead live video and TrueView Ads for its "State of Wonder" campaign.

The online video campaign unlocked a new way of inspiring travelers from all over the country to visit South Australia. For the first 24 hours SATC ran the Masthead live steam, then targeted engaged Australian viewers via TrueView ads to encourage visitation back to the website. The digital campaign generated 27 million live stream views, 96% increase in leads to local tourism operators and increased website traffic by 33%.


Tourism SA - 27M live stream views, +96% leads to tourism operators and +33% website trafficSource: Think with Google.


Landing pages that utilise video content have been proven to increase conversions by 80%. Website users spend 2 minutes longer on pages that have video content. Adding video to email campaigns can boost click through rate by 300%. By using the word "video" in email subject lines dives 19% increase in email open rates.

Video consumption data gives you real-time audience insights to craft more effective marketing content. Research from the Australian betting and gambling industry shows that 25% of their users signed up for new accounts after watching a video.

SaaS companies who served relevant videos to the right customers at the right stage of their customer on-boarding journey have seen 180% customer retention increases.

Live video has an allure that prerecorded video content can't match. This format turns video into an experience; an event that allows your audience to connect directly with you and your brand in real-time.  Live video used on social media has been proven to improve engagement and has great organic cut through.

Social media viewers spend up to 8.1x longer with live video than with video-on-demand. Source: Hubspot

Before creating your first live video you need to understand the people, purpose and platform. When it comes to live video consumption, each social media platform is different, so Marketers need to research their audiences, set realistic goals, benchmark and have a test and learn approach. Not every piece of live video will be a winner, but that’s part of the test and learn approach.



Video Marketing : With our strategies you will be able to schedule and publish to optimise your digital reach and engagement.

Successful videos are produced on the basis of user research – Who are you targeting, what type of content resonate with them and what channels are they most likely to be on? There’s no point in creating videos unless your audience is going to engage with it. Read our article on What is UX Design? to learn about our recommendations on user research methods.

Marketing research on video engagement shows platform preference, time of day, time zones and day of the week all affect video consumption, so tailor your live video to your audiences preferences for optimal viewership.

Analytic Partners conducted a meta-analysis of over 22,000 market mix models globally to understand patterns to maximise ROI. Their research showed how younger Aussies manipulate content length based on the viewing moment that they’re in:

Chunking content up: Watching 20 short YouTube clips back to back, turning short-form content into a long-form viewing moment

Pausing: Watching a long video over multiple sessions to fit their schedule

Skipping and speeding: Watching in 2X speed or skipping through “the boring periods”

Key marketing takeaway: Grabbing and maintaining younger audience attention comes down to the quality of the video content and storytelling, not the length or the screen.

Tips for first-time live video broadcasters

For first-time live video broadcasters, it's best practice to create a video marketing content plan to ensure that your content both meets your brand’s goals and engages your intended audience. Before content creation, we recommend understanding Google and YouTube's hero-hub-hygiene content marketing strategy. The strategy defines a content framework which helps publishers learn video category types (hero, hub, hygiene), programming strategy and how to get the best reach from your content.

Programming means creating a cohesive viewing experience across your channel; each video should fit into the larger channel vision. Your programming strategy should be articulated around the three video types and each type has a required tactic for activation.

Google's hero-hub-hygiene content strategy


Hygiene content or sometimes coined as "help content" is the base level of the pyramid. It is most common type of video content, that can be published on a daily or weekly  basis that is designed to attract your target audience to your channel by answering their questions and search queries. It's recommended that brands should aim for at least 8 pieces of hygiene content at launch to drive channel discovery.Content Example: How to videos


Hub content is regular, scheduled content that provides value, a reason to subscribe to a channel and return on a regular basis. Often hub content is episodic and follows a formatted series. Hub content allows publishers to build audience loyalty and allows you to introduce cross-promotions and incentives for subscribers to encourage content engagement. Content Example: 5 part series on building your brand.


Hero content refers to the big, tent-pole events that are designed to provide a massive step-change to your audience growth. Hero content can revolve around a large cultural event like Mother's Day or the Christmas, or it may be a major event that you instigate. Content Example: Live-streamed event, a viral video, a Google+ Hangout with top talent, a cross-promotion with a YouTube influencer.

Understand when your audience is consuming video content

Video Marketing: Showcase your product and services through video platforms and channels that your audience are using.

For best time of day look at your Instagram Insights or Facebook Analytics as depending on your brand and your audience you will have different traffic peak periods. Our research recommends trying the below times as a start, then formulating a distribution plan after testing out different time of day periods.

  • Lunch-time (From 1:00 to 3:00 PM)
  • Evening time slot (6:00 to 9:00 PM)

Expert Tip: When planning your live video broadcast be mindful of major holidays, events or anything scheduled on television that would siphon away a large number of your potential viewers.

90% of customers have said that video helps them make buying decisions. Source: Hubspot
Understanding social media platforms

Video Marketing: We have the strategies to optimise your video content across all channels including mobile devices.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are increasingly influencing the customer decision making process. To meet the search behaviour of customers it is recommended that you understand how your audiences use each platform, their video consumption, user journey behaviour and search phrases used to find video content.


YouTube is a video platform where users search to find video content so it is recommended when publishing a video to take the time to write titles, associated tags and descriptions which will assist in your videos being discovered.

Once a user finds your video on YouTube, the algorithm assists the user to stay on the platform by serving related content by topic. Play to the intent of YouTube by producing regular related content and saving the videos to related, topic specific playlists.


Facebook is a platform where you publish to video and it serves them to an audience based on previously viewed videos and the video's performance. The higher the engagement of your content the more likely your followers and new audiences will see it. Since the launch of Facebook Live, video views have doubled year on year. On average Facebook Live video wins 6 times the interactions than regular videos. Facebook users watch Live videos 3 time longer and comment 10 times more frequently than other videos. Source: Search Engine Journal


Craft your Instagram Strategy with Speedwell

Instagram is a visual platform where you publish video content and based on the copy, associated location, alt text and hashtags it will be discovered by audiences. Users can discover content by topic, hashtag and discover engaging content via IGTV, Instagram Stories, the Search tab and Explore tab. Videos are surfaced to Explore tab based on the content a user has engaged with (Eg. dog videos) and related content of the accounts users follow. While Instagram Stories only allows users to publish short, 30-second clips, IGTV allows users to publish vertical, long-form videos, either within the Instagram app or in the IGTV app.

IGTV videos can be up to 10 minutes for all users, and up to 60 minutes for popular or verified users. One of the main benefit to IGTV over other video platforms like YouTube for instance is that IGTV doesn't have ads (yet), which could incentivise users to watch video content via IGTV over other long-form platforms like YouTube. Once you've published a video to IGTV, it's easy to find analytics on your video.

IGTV provides in-app insights including how many views, likes, and comments it has received, audience retention, and at which points of the video most people stopped watching. There are four video categories for IGTV: "For You" "Following" "Popular" and "Continue Watching". Users can discover your content through the IGTV circle beside account Story Highlights and via related video content.

Instagram Live videos is given #1 priority in user's feeds and more than 100 million Instagram users watch and share Live videos every day. 

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping

Instagram shopping is now finally available in Australia. Cue a happy dance from thousands of small business owners around the country. Instagram Shopping is a set of features across Instagram that let people shop your photos and videos no matter where they are in the app. This new feature includes Shops, Shopping Tags, Collections, Product Detail Pages, Ads with Product Tags, Checkout On Instagram and Live Shopping.

Since early 2020 Instagram was working with local retailers Country Road, Myer and Pepper Mayo to launch ' shopping' into the local market. This shopping functionality is now available to the wider market so any retailer can now set up their business profile to be shoppable. Australian Retailers can now reach 1 billion Instagram users longing for products like yours with Shoppable Instagram posts.

An Instagram shop meets your customers in the same space they connect with friends, news, and favorite brands. Every day, 300-million Instagram users visit an Instagram business page after seeing a post in their feed. 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery.

87% of people say that Instagram influences have inspired them to make a purchase. Your Instagram store extends your digital footprint, creating new and engaging opportunities to promote your products.

By enabling Shoppable Instagram posts, shoppers are free to move from inspiration to decision instantaneously. To do this we recommend synchronising your product catalog with your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Then, when you tag products in your photos with shoppable pricing tags, Instagram users are enabled to view featured products, decide, and order right from their own Instagram accounts.

Whether your Instagram shop is a hobby, side-hustle, or full-time effort, Speedwell makes it easy to promote your products to engaged Instagram shoppers. Is it time to expand your customer outreach with an Instagram store?

Our Speedwell team of social media experts make selling on Instagram easy. Our expert strategists can help you craft the ultimate Instagram business account to accelerate engagement and sales. Instagram Shopping is now true social-selling. Get started by speaking with our team and discover just how easy it is to sell on Instagram with Instagram e-commerce.


Live Video Content Ideas


Video Marketing Ideas: Q&A, Product Launches, Behind the Scenes, Hot topics, Breaking News and Live Demos

  • Hot topics: Thought leadership content and topics that are trending in your industry.

  • Q & A: Answer questions from your community.

  • Announcements: Utilise live videos to announce partnerships and collaborations.

  • Breaking News: Comment on industry events or recent research, service and product launches.

  • Live with: Bring an expert or collaborator into your live broadcast as it happens.

  • Performance: Share your live event through a broadcast that your community can engage with.

  • Behind the Scenes: Showcase the people behind your product or service. This works well when planning a major launch or release to build hype.

  • Product / Event Launches: Engage your customers with live unboxings, opening ceremonies and live product launches. This has been very popular on Instagram with leading brands like Samsung, Apple, Fashion Week, Major Events and Festivals.

  • Watch with: This broadcast type builds credibility for you or your company in the industry by live streaming in real-time commentary or your company's opinion from a major industry announcement or conference that is happening live.

  • Demo: Educate your community how to do your x, your craft or showcase benefits of your product/service with a live broadcast demonstration.
According to 87% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2019.

Benefits of Live Video

Video Marketing Strategy: On average Facebook Live video wins 6 times the interactions than regular videos.

  • Convert more customers: According to Syndacast, 52% of marketing professionals say live video marketing gives them the best ROI. Live video often has a sense of urgency that has been proven to convert.
  • Real-time Feedback: Live video helps your brand improve customer service by directly engaging with your core audiences in real-time.
  • Builds credibility: Live video gives your brand a face. You can showcase your brand's craft and expertise through authentic genuine openness that you can't get through static videos on landing pages.
  • Increase Visibility: With Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm, your content may not always get the attention it deserves. Instagram Live and Facebook Live increase your visibility as it sends push notifications to anyone and everyone who follows your account.
  • Increase Engagement: Imagine having your questions answered directly from your favourite Instagram influencer, celebrity, or even brand? Instagram Live increase engagement by bringing followers closer to your real-life.
  • Build Relationships: Whether you're using Instagram Live or Facebook Live for revealing new features, services or products, Live video helps you to increase social proof. The social proof provided by a post that consumers interact with can increase conversion by up to 62%.
  • Develop Brand Identity: This relationship turns into a brand identity. Instagram Live and Facebook Live can help your brand develop its identity and share it with the Instagram community.


Ready to discuss your digital strategy needs?

Speedwell provides smart digital marketing strategies for businesses throughout Australia. By understanding your audience and business goals we can tailor a digital strategy to leverage video content and achieve your marketing objectives. Without guidance and proper planning, video content just becomes a gamble. Book your session  with our team of Digital Engineers, the safe pair of hands you need for creating your successful digital marketing strategy.

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