Speedwell was a Gold Sponsor at the 2019 Tech in Gov expo and conference

Application development the hot topic at Tech in Gov expo

Speedwell was once again a Gold Sponsor at the Tech in Government Conference and Exhibition in Canberra.

The team met and discussed many topics around digital over the two days, with the key topic of interest being application development, and how this innovates and integrates with legacy systems to solve current business problems. In other words, digital optimisation rather than transformation.

Speedwell and DFAT team up to host roundtable discussions

The Roundtables were a real highlight of the conference and were well attended by delegates. We teamed up with new client, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and discussed the topic, “How to deliver a workable mobile application on-time and within budget using agile delivery and UX design". We shared insights on the project and discussed key areas relating to project delivery:
  • Best practices for Going to Market
  • The benefit of keeping contracts lean
  • Agile delivery (Planning, Sprint 0 and execution using 2 weeks sprints)
  • Challenges around technology, testing, integration, security, documentation
  • How to get effective stakeholder engagement

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the Client Story and Project Journey Map, please get in touch.

Planning Poker for agile teams

Our agile planning poker cards are always popular at these events. They even delivered a bit of magic at Tech in Gov! If you're interested in ordering a few decks for you team then place your order here.

New voice partner, Alkira joined Speedwell at the event

We invited Voice partner Alkira to join us for part of the event, and they had numerous interesting discussions with prospective clients on how voice can and is being used in business to provide great customer service via the voice channel.

Board and executive meeting solution, Dossiere

Our high security, meeting management solution, Dossiere, was of great interest, as was the 45 Day Free Trial that is offered for this product. The trial period gives future users a great window of opportunity to test all the document sharing and meeting features and experience first hand how teams can benefit from the annotation and collaboration capabilities.

Government agencies and departments can engage with Speedwell easily through our panel arrangements

Now, the ability for Government agencies and utilities (local, state and federal) to do business with Speedwell is made simple through several panel arrangements:

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