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Sitecore Experience Platform 10 Announced

Sitecore Experience Platform 10 (XP) gives everything a brand needs to deliver and evolve experiences in a fully integrated solution. Sitecore 10 release will benefit marketing and technology teams with an enormous number of enhancements. As a Silver Sitecore Partner, XP 10 means that we'll be able to bring Sitecore solutions quicker to market and help our Sitecore clients make better data-backed business decisions through the deeper data insights.


XP 10 release will drastically benefit development teams with enormous changes in the new options that they have to deliver solutions more rapidly.

With Sitecore 10, the focus has been on new innovations for usability, accelerated time to market, and improved performance with features for both Marketing and IT.

IT and Marketing can align timelines to accelerate customer experience success by using everything from container infrastructure orchestration to integrated data and marketing functionality. Brands can also evolve experiences quickly based on contextual insights through Horizon and deploy data-informed updates or new experience elements faster than ever before.

Sitecore 10 Personalisation on CMS-only installations

Sitecore Personalisation - Speedwell Are Silver Sitecore Partners

A big bonus to digital marketers is the ability to roll out basic session and device personalisation even with CMS-only installations. This will mean that marketers won't need to install the full Experience Platform to take advantage of this type of personalisation. This allows you to start your personalisation journey with a lighter-weight infrastructure.

Sitecore 10 Editing Capabilities

The Horizon editing interface has expanded to cover more user scenarios. With the addition of the ability to swap between sites and languages, larger solutions with multisite and multilingual can make more use of the Horizon interface. This includes being able to switch to your Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) websites.

A new dedicated field editor experience allows you to edit page metadata that is not directly editable on the page. This allows you to edit other types of fields without the WYSIWYG interface. This is also useful for editing ‘headless’ content that is not intended for a page. Using the new Content view allows you to see all the content items, not just the pages, and edit your data in the Horizon field editor.
Sitecore SXA - Speedwell Are Silver Sitecore Partners

The release also means enhancements to SXA. The integration to SXA has been improved to support editing directly on the page for all supported field types and also do site-specific images and data sources. A tighter integration between SXA and Horizon editing will be coming over the course of the Sitecore 10 series.

Also, if you happen to be developing your assets in Sitecore Content Hub DAM, you can now leverage that rich media in the Horizon editor instead of only using the native Sitecore Experience Platform media library. This allows your marketing team to have a better flow from Sitecore Content Hub to your web channel, making it easier to manage and publish your digital assets across teams and Sitecore multi websites instances.

Better ways to engage and retain your customers

Sitecore XP 10 enhancements enable marketing teams to connect, attract and retain customers with features like better insights across a variety of Sitecore tools. The Sitecore platform has a built in email marketing tool called EXM. Having an all in one platform means that you don't have the hassle of integrating multiple systems to do marketing automation.

Sitecore 10 EXM Enhancement

Sitecore EXM Email Marketing - Speedwell Are Silver Sitecore Partners


HTML creation for email marketing is skill that takes a lot of time to master. The additional out-of-the-box templates have been added to the EXM template library to help marketers get started with email marketing and automation. This will save time and increase speed to market for EDM campaigns. The new templates include:

  • Left Image Block
  • Right Image Block
  • Image Focus

Marketing automated birthday campaigns

As a Marketer, XP 10 now allows you to leverage marketing automation to engage subscribers with with birth date campaigns. The new campaign rules that you'll be able to utilise include:

  • Send offers some number of days in advance of their birthday
  • Send greetings on their birthday
  • Send reminders and follow-up with your customer some number of days after their birthday

Deeper analytics insights into your audiences

Another great update that has been included in Sitecore XP 10 is in regards to the ability to filter any analytics report by a marketing segment. Marketers can work more easily with segments and:

  • Target segments of contacts via predefined rules and then report based on that segment.
  • Push an email to a segmented list and then see the impact across the site.
  • Report on the performance of key audience groups.

Enhanced Workflow & Editing Capabilities

The back bone of any website that has multiple content producers is a robust publishing and editing workflow. Content strategists and authors will now have a few changes in XP 10 to help them with their authoring workflow.

For teams who enjoy authoring offline in Microsoft Word, XP 10 now allows to you copy your document content into rich text fields. This will bring so much joy to content producers and authors that previously would often break page styling because their copy-paste efforts would introduce extra markup from their documents, meaning that they would need to jump into the html view and update styling manually. With the new XP 10 update, it creates a clean source HTML, that preserves the content and the brand styling.

Model more of your content in Content Hub

For some teams, Sitecore Content Hub is now the central hub for all media content in their DAM, but also content models defined in CMP. Their web channel is only one channel consuming this content. This release expands how much content can be managed in CMP and then integrated to the Sitecore Experience Platform. With support for additional field types, this allows marketing teams to centralised more of their content creation into Content Hub and still leverage this with their web teams. With the addition of a taxonomy import, marketing teams can also make sure that the taxonomy associations they make in Content Hub will persist into the content items in the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Support your data privacy compliance journey

Sitecore’s previous releases have incrementally been improving the privacy tools available to teams looking to meet with regulatory needs and customer privacy demands. In Sitecore 10, new support has been added to help you on your journey!

Sitecore 10 Data Privacy Update

A major need for marketing teams on a journey to meet data privacy regulations, like GDPR, is to support the need for visitors to have their personal data anonymized. With this release, Sitecore Forms makes it easier for you to support erasing this personal identifiable data that is saved via the out-of-the-box Save data submit action. This includes redacting submission values, removing any associations to xDB Contacts, and deleting any files uploaded by the visitor. This approach allows for marketing teams to still see reporting data, even when anonymised.

Right to object

A second change in the Sitecore 10 release regards making it easier to enforce and manage consent choices. Visitors need to be able to consent to being tracked and marketing teams need to store these choices and make decisions on them. The new consent management tools available in the platform allow for implementation teams to configure sites to require explicit consent before the Sitecore tracking will begin. The tracker is now able to be disabled based on the consent settings stored for the user, and xDB supports the ability to store these consent settings and persist it across visits for the contact.

This allows marketing teams to have some sites operate as they currently do, but add additional consent requirements for specific sites that need to meet stricter privacy guidelines.

Salesforce marketing automation

While Sitecore does offer marketing automation capabilities, they also understand the need to extend the platform with data rich tools such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). The Sitecore 10 Connect for Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows teams to work in the platform and leverage the rich visitor analytics data stored in the Sitecore xDB.

With Sitecore 10 you will be able to make use of this connection in real-time, with no need to wait for a nightly batch or ingestion of data. A new Sitecore Marketing automation activity, specifically for SFMC, allows marketers to configure a real-time event to integrate with SFMC.

By connecting directly to the SFMC, marketing teams can respond to events in Sitecore and immediately send information about the current visitor over to SFMC and place visitors into Journey Builder marketing automation plans. This means that you can respond across all your channels to events, in real-time, in the marketing automation tool that you use.

Looking To Upgrade your solution to Sitecore XP 10?

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Our team of Digital Engeineers are focused on developing integrated, enterprise class solutions that deliver seamless experiences for our clients and their customers. Speedwell is a Silver Sitecore Partner and continues to invest in the future of Sitecore technology.Schedule a call back with our team of Digital Engineers, the safe pair of hands you need for delivering a robust digital solution.



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