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How to perform a website audit with Siteimprove.

How to perform a website audit with Siteimprove

A common issue most businesses face is that 80% of your website traffic simply doesn't convert. Before starting your conversion optimisation journey a good low-cost way to improve your conversion rate is by performing an SEO audit with a tool like Siteimprove. Siteimprove is a real-time website monitoring platform that helps businesses of all sizes to manage their growing digital presence. Siteimprove's intelligent automation audit tool crawls your website and can detect any duplicate content, spelling errors, broken links, or SEO and accessibility errors.

By addressing these common website issues your website's ranking will improve and often can be the edge you need to outrank your competitors. Siteimprove's SEO Checker provides you with detailed actionable insights and reports. The reporting capabilities are robust and produce great insights into SEO, accessibility and website performance issues, so you and your team can prioritise your website optimisation efforts.

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker has helped many of our clients to uncover accessibility issues and help them to better understand which pages have problems. By identifying roadblocks or accessibility issues on your website is a sure-fire way to improve your user's experience and decrease friction points for users who have low vision or use screen readers. Behavioural maps of user journeys can also provide a visual representation of how visitors interact with the site to make sure content is positioned in the right place. User journeys are a great way to inform and discover ways visitors navigate, and interact with your content.

A Google Ad Manager Study shows that up to 53% of users leave a web page that takes more than three seconds to load. Your SEO audit tools will identify large files, improper coding, and other factors that impact page loading speeds.

How to complete your website audit

One suite for improving your website through SEO, Analytics, Accessibility, Data Privacy, and Content Quality. Receive a thorough prioritized list of optimization tips and recommendations

Auditing your website can determine whether or not it's optimised to achieve your traffic and business goals. Scheduling regular audits can provide you with a holistic view of your website and what needs to be addressed. Doing this on a regular basis is important because even though your site may still be generating traffic, you want to be sure that it is reaching its full potential. Not addressing these issues could mean a plateau or even decrease in traffic, or a decrease in conversions. SEO is a continuous effort that involves the consistent checking and optimising of your website.

To start auditing your site click on this link and enter your site's information. Below is a summary of what Siteimprove checks for when it scans your website.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Missing or too short meta descriptions
  • Page title length
  • Duplicate page titles
  • Field label not visible
  • Page Structure - Use of H1, H2, H3
  • Missing or incomplete Open Graph tags
  • Missing or incomplete Twitter tags
  • Duplicate content
  • Article length
  • Broken internal and external links
  • Mobile page load speed
  • Desktop page load speed
  • Touchscreen-readiness
  • Missing structured data markup
  • Missing Alt Text across images
  • Pages with iframes missing a title
  • Backlinks analysis
  • Redirect chains
  • 3xx redirects
  • Website Errors like 404 or long server response times
  • URL Optimisation and don't contain id or dynamic parameters
  • Crawlability of Robots.txt audit of Files or Tags
  • Public and XML Sitemap Files
  • Canonicalization of Content
  • A, AA, AAA WCAG Compliance
  • Links to unsafe domains
  • Pages missing SSL
  • GZIP Compression
  • Font size readability
  • Input field/s missing descriptions
  • Pages with long sentences
  • Form control labels missing text
  • Colour contrast is insufficient
  • Link identified only by colour
  • Headings are not nested properly
  • Element not highlighted on focus
  • Difficult-to-read pages
  • Pages with navigation depth beyond 5
  • 301 redirects
  • Grouping of form elements
  • Element ID is not unique
  • Images larger than 1MB
  • i tag used to format text
  • No option to skip related content
  • Missing WAI-ARIA
  • Content not included in landmarks

So you have an audit summary report, what's next?

A large challenge for most companies is with taking action on the audit recommendations. It’s easy to point out areas of improvement, but implementing these suggestions can be much harder. This is where the Speedwell team can assist. Siteimprove's audit recommendations are prioritised based on the below factors and who in your team (Editor, Webmaster or Developer) will be able to action, remediate or fix the issue.
  • Technical: How well the technical elements of the website enable it to be accessed, crawled and indexed by search engine bots.
  • Content: The quality of a site's visitor-facing content with respect to how it engages users, and whether meta content is optimized for search engines and users.
  • User Experience: How effectively embedded information like links and visuals is used to enhance the user experience.
  • Mobile: How responsive or adaptable a site is to being used and displayed on a mobile device.

Should your team need assistance implementing the recommendations, our team of developers and optimisation performance experts can assist. The point of an audit is to focus your efforts on the priorities. Make sure that you have someone who will be responsible for executing the high, medium and low priorities from the SEO audit so that you can improve your business visibility online.

Ready to increase your conversions?

Speedwell is a Siteimprove partner and have leveraged the tool's rich capabilities to optimise many of our client's websites and help them be focused on taking the right steps for accessibility compliance. Want to see a demo of Siteimprove? Get in touch.

Our team of conversion rate optimisation experts can help you achieve your business goals. We've helped many of our clients improve their conversion rate without costly website redesigns or a major website overhauls.

We believe that understanding your customers is the key to a higher conversion rate and a better experience with your services or products. Our team will deep dive into your analytics, research and analyse your current customers and how they interact with your website to pinpoint pain points, issues and drop-offs in your conversion funnel. We will then propose a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) plan to improve the experience of your site. 

John King, Digital Marketing Technologist, Speedwell




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