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How to perform a website audit with Siteimprove.
A common issue most businesses face is that 80% of your website traffic simply doesn't convert. Before starting your conversion optimisation journey a good low-cost way to improve your conversion rate is by performing an SEO audit with a tool like Siteimprove.
JOHN KING, 7 Apr 2021
Head to health chatbot was created to connect the australian community to mental health resources
Chatbots and live chat technology can be used to qualify leads, overcome user friction and speed up customer resolution. They work best when they are specifically programmed to assist a user based on the page their browsing, the type of user and the stage of their purchase path.
JOHN KING, 7 Apr 2021
Sitecore 10.1 - Sitecore Silver Partner Speedwell
The new features of Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce 10.1 will mean that our clients will be able to deliver optimised digital experiences leveraging machine learning and AI technology.
JOHN KING, 8 Mar 2021
What is a headless CMS and how can my business leverage it?
A headless CMS is a content management system that provides a way to author content, but instead of having your content coupled to a particular output (like web page rendering), it provides your content as data over an API.
JOHN KING, 18 Feb 2021
Why you need to add AfterPay to your eccommerce website
Afterpay has 3.3 million customers in Australia and retailers who have adopted this "buy now, pay later" payment service has seen an average increase of 20–30% in customer conversions.
JOHN KING, 14 Sep 2020
Sitecore 10 Speedwell Silver Sitecore Partner
Sitecore Experience Platform 10 gives everything a brand needs to deliver and evolve experiences in a fully integrated solution. Sitecore 10 release will benefit marketing and technology teams with an enormous number of enhancements.
JOHN KING, 6 Aug 2020




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