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Streamline and automate your business processes with robust solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.
Our highly skilled analysts, developers and testers deliver robust, scalable solutions using the latest development methodologies. We implement the most appropriate technology to meet your business needs and integrate your existing systems where required.

Client portals or extranets deliver high value to businesses when designed with more than just standard access to products and services. Customer satisfaction will come from the delivery of a multi-functional environment that excites, educates and engages the customer. Intelligent client portal design will not only attract and retain customers, but increase agility, efficiency and revenue for your business.

Speedwell’s approach to robust client portal development begins with understanding your organisational goals, budget and governance systems. Integration with yours and your customers systems including ERP, CRM and document management ensures your customers have a dynamic and engaging experience with full view of their account.

  • client portal development
  • enterprise portal development
  • web portal development 
Workflow management

Taking control of routine business processes and managing them better through automation is the foundation of good workflow management. Implementation of a smart workflow management system or intranet will enable your enterprise to scale up productivity. Administrators will have a powerful tool to build and maintain automated workflows, and employees will have a user friendly self-service portal.

Speedwell works with businesses to implement business process management systems that formalise processes, integrate with existing IT infrastructure and include appropriate features to manage user interactions and administrative tasks.

  • Workflow management system
  • business process management
  • automation
  • WMS tools 
Mobility solutions

Businesses need to consider how their customers will access, view and interact with their products and services on mobile devices. Speedwell works closely with our clients to develop the most effective strategy for providing mobility solutions to their customers. Where appropriate, we encourage our clients to invest in enterprise mobile apps and consider how mobile technology can assist in achieving their business objectives.

Our mobile division are focused on developing integrated, enterprise class mobile apps for Smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows) and Tablets (iPad, Surface, Samsung). We continue to invest in the future of mobile development by performing research and development into tomorrow’s technology including wearable devices such as Google Glass, Motorola Moto360 watch and Apple Watch.

  • mobility solutions
  • enterprise mobility solutions provider
  • mobile development 

Business process automation is pivotal in eliminating the manual steps which introduce inconsistencies and mistakes in the delivery process. By eliminating routine decisions and redundant tasks, businesses are able to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Speedwell develop end-to-end, business process automation solutions that enable you to seamlessly incorporate policies and procedures into your system environment and automate critical decisions with confidence. By implementing decision support tools, rules engines, IoT measurement, bluetooth, geo-fencing, or dashboards for analysis of big data, our solutions will inject velocity, agility and scalability into your business processes.

  • business automation solutions
  • business process automation 

Delivering a seamless and enjoyable online shopping experience is crucial for companies who are focused on customer loyalty. Customers have so much choice, and the ease with which they switch their loyalty means that brands must continue to lift the bar and create an exceptional user experience. Implementing an eCommerce platform that delivers agility and scalability will give organisations a much needed competitive advantage.

Speedwell has extensive experience integrating eCommerce platforms with all the major ERP systems. Understanding a client’s business model, but also understanding your customer, internal systems and distribution methods is essential. This allows our digital strategists, business analysts and solutions architects to choose the right platform for your eCommerce presence.

  • eCommerce solutions
  • eCommerce development
  • Digital commerce
  • Shopping carts
  • eCommerce store development
Voice Commerce

Voice commerce or vCommerce, is rapidly changing the way in which consumers use the internet and buy goods and services online. Chat bots, and digital voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google are causing a shift towards conversation based eCommerce development and in doing so, creating speed and ease for online shoppers.

The rising comfort level of voice recognition technology will increasingly put the pressure on companies to look at ways to make voice commerce work for their eCommerce. Speedwell is preparing clients to start building voice commerce into their strategy in order to leverage the emerging possibilities to create convenient, personalised experiences for customers.

  • voice commerce
  • vCommerce
  • voice recognition technology
  • voice commerce technology




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