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Optimise the experience of your website or app so that it meets the unique needs, behaviours and motivations of your customers.

Our qualified UX team delivers user-focused solutions based on research and best practice design that has been validated to meet the goals of the user.
User Research 

Understanding your users is critical when designing and delivering a website or application that people want to use and enjoy. User research is a necessary first step to understanding the needs, behaviours and motivations of the users of a product or system.

Through evidence-based research such as user interviews and surveys, Speedwell can craft empathy maps, personas and customer journey maps to highlight the goals of your users. This ensures our designs and solutions are highly targeted to the needs of a user and are enjoyable for them to use.

  • competitor analysis
  • user interviews
  • contextual enquiry
  • focus groups
  • surveys
  • personas
  • customer journey maps
Information Architecture 
Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process of structuring a website or an application so that information can easily be found within the system they are using. Information architecture will ensure users flow through a site smoothly, will help categorise information into logical groupings, will optimise the way the information is structured and help the user when making navigational decisions.

Analysis of current site or application structures is also a beneficial exercise where the scale of a system can be established, superfluous pages can be identified and content can be re-categorised to something more logical.

  • Site maps
  • IA specifications
  • User Flow Diagrams
  • Content Audits
  • Content inventories
UX Design 

User experience design is all about using the knowledge gained from user research and information architecture to design the best possible experience that meets the customer’s goals, and is enjoyable to use. In this stage UX designers are defining interactions, incorporating the user’s needs into interface designs, designing features and defining interface behaviours.

Prototypes are created in this phase and are used for usability testing and demonstrations to stakeholders. Once the designs and functionality are approved, annotated wireframes are created so the development team and stakeholders have a shared understanding of what is being built.

  • UX design
  • Interaction design
  • prototypes
  • annotated wireframes
User Experience Testing 
User Experience Testing

Once prototypes are created it is important to validate that the designs are meeting the users’ needs by undertaking usability testing. Usability testing is the process of conducting one-to-one interviews with the user of a system and having them undertake a series of tasks. Feedback is obtained from the test that will help designers understand if their design meets the users’ needs or if it needs to be adjusted.

First Click Testing can also be carried out on interfaces to ensure users can find various elements that are part of their customer journey. Site map validation is used to verify if users can find various topics within a website or app. All of this information is then fed into revised designs and prototypes so that an optimal experience is created.

  • usability testing
  • first click testing
  • site map validation
Screens from the Deadly Health Warriors Game App Speedwell in conjunction with eHealth Qld developed an interactive Proof of Concept, which leverages UX & UI best practices to deliver a culturally appropriate and interactive educational solution for Indigenous kids to teach them about health and wellbeing.
Prowler Proof website
Prowler Proof’s new website has user experience at the core of the creative process.
Prowler Proof website
Prowler Proof’s new website has user experience at the core of the creative process.




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