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"UX when applied effectively to your digital assets can be transformational for your brand, giving your users a delightful experience that will keep them coming back."

Lead UX Consultant

We live in the age of connected ecosystems and experiences. The more brands know about their customer the more they can tailor digital experiences to meet a person's specific needs.

To thrive in this customer-led economy brands are now leveraging user experience research with behavioural analytics data to better serve the needs of their audience, overcome friction points and retain more customers.

Our UX team leverages The Design Thinking Process to create customer-centric strategies and solutions that build deep customer relationships whilst achieving your commercial business outcomes.

The Design Thinking Process works because it's iterative, flexible and focused on collaboration between designers and users, with an emphasis on bringing ideas to life based on how real users think, feel and behave.

Design thinking is both an ideology and a process that seeks to solve complex problems in a user-centric way. It focuses on achieving practical results and solutions that are:
  • Technically feasible: They can be developed into functional products or processes;
  • Economically viable: The business can afford to implement them;
  • Desirable for the user: They meet a real human need.

  • Below is a summary of the services our Speedwell UX team provides:

    UX Research

    Our user research talks to real people to find out how they engage with your website, and what barriers stop them from converting. The data we provide is the voice of your customers, which helps you tailor your site to their needs.

    UX Design

    Your website’s design could be standing in the way of your success. We can help you build a site and landing pages that deliver a top-tier experience for your audience, and entices them back again and again.

    A/B Testing & Optimisation

    Testing new designs, functionality, or other changes to your website? Our optimization and testing services enable you to drive conversions. Our strategists have over 10+ years of experience and deliver recommendations that are data-driven, measurable and focused on driving real impact for your business.

    Website and App Audits

    We've taken our learnings from over 17 years of research and turned them into our guidelines to audit and score your website, app or ecommerce store. We’ll use these best practice insights to give you a comprehensive, prioritised roadmap of improvements for your website, app or store to increase conversions.

    Empathy Mapping

    Visualising user attitudes and behaviors in an empathy map helps UX teams align on a deep understanding of end-users. The empathy mapping process (Say, Thinks, Does, and Feels) also reveals any holes in existing user data and can provide marketing teams to craft better content to address user needs.

    Customer journey mapping

    Creating a customer journey map, a visual story of your customers' interactions with your brand is a great exercise to uncover gaps in content and how to better serve the needs of your customer based on the stage of the journey. This exercise helps businesses step into their customer's shoes and see their business from the customer's perspective.


    The creation of personas ensures that your website or mobile app is designed for an optimal user experience, resulting in higher engagement from your target audience. It provides a snapshot of the key attributes of each persona so that anyone can pick up and immediately understand the characteristics of your target audience. Personas are a great framework for understanding your users and an excellent reference for making key decisions about what your website or app should do. Projects with personas have an ROI of up to 4x more than projects without them.

    Rapid prototyping

    A prototype is an early draft of a design used to get rapid feedback on whether the intended design works well or needs to be updated in some areas. Prototypes can range anywhere from a low fidelity sketched prototype created on a sheet of paper, all the way through to a high fidelity interactive clickable design that closely represents the finished product. Whatever can visually communicate the intended design and function of something, whether that be a website, app or physical product, is a prototype.

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