Government and corporate organisations are benefiting from Dossiere, a highly secure mobile document delivery application designed to manage extremely confidential or sensitive material.




In today’s digital age, many organisations continue to rely on paper when conducting important cabinet and board meetings. Government ministers and advisors carry briefcases full of sensitive documents in the absence of a better solution.  


In addition, multiple people can be making hand-written notes on various hard copies of the same documents, rendering it difficult to capture all of the details easily in a ‘single source repository that can be shared. Developing a system to shift organisations from an inefficient, paper environment to a highly secure, application environment with online collaboration capabilities, presented both technical and interpersonal challenges.


Speedwell was initially commissioned by the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet to develop an application that would shift them from a paper environment to an online system, one that would protect and manage their secure documents.

Data security and confidentiality was a major concern due to the increased expertise of hackers and the use of portable devices that are easily lost or stolen. Covering off the breadth of security required to handle electronic documents being handled by multiple people presented a number of technical and security challenges.


Speedwell developed a highly secure mobile document delivery application for iPad, specifically designed to manage extremely confidential and classified documents. This product evolved to become Dossiere. Dossiere is rated to carry up to Cabinet-in-confidence documents and those classified Secret. It allows discrete content targeting and eliminates the risks associated with organisations uploading their confidential documents to the web or third party hosted solutions.

Dossiere was built with a number of features and benefits to meet the high security requirements of many organisations. These features include: multiple levels of encryption for document safety; the ability to customise for enterprise level implementation; and a flexible, easy to use interface with real-time review and annotation capabilities (regardless of location). Secure hosting is delivered on public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.


Dossiere was initially developed to protect and manage secure documents for the Queensland Government, and has since extended to the Federal Government and corporate organisations for management of cabinet and board papers.

The ability to securely access and annotate highly confidential documents via an iPad has transformed business environments by removing the need for paper. The result has been significant cost reductions and increased efficiencies.

  • Highly secure mobile document delivery application
  • Secure access via iPad
  • Review and annotate in real-time
  • Secure hosting: public & private cloud, on-premise
  • Enterprise level implementation


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