A bold vision to transform the Mental Health Gateway to become an engine of social change was achieved with a cutting edge, mobile responsive website.




The Australian Federal Department of Health, via the Digital Transformation Agency, released an opportunity to redefine and reengineer the Mental Health Gateway. The vision was to transform the Mental Health Gateway to become an engine of massive social change.

The challenge lay in shifting the utility from simply being a place to find information and resources, to providing a deeper connection for visitors through User Experience (UX) design and curated content.




The DTA identified key deliverables that would contribute to the success of the Mental Health Gateway.

  • A mobile responsive website to seamlessly and intuitively guide users to the most appropriate information, resources and services.
  • A decision support tool and service finder to remove complexity and deliver information fast.
  • A tool to curate original and sourced content
  • Integration with various stakeholders in the Australian Health network
  • Ongoing content marketing campaign support to promote the site


Speedwell identified the need for excellent UX design, technical development, integration skills, and ongoing content production and marketing for the life of the contract (three years). We partnered with a content specialist in the area of mental health to ensure ongoing development of quality content and marketing material.


The multimillion dollar Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was developed using Agile methodologies. Daily scrums and fortnightly sprints were held over a tight three month timeline resulting in the project delivered on-time and below budget. Once the MVP was completed, we reached out to mental health service providers, clinicians and lived experience communities to ensure the website delivered against the original objectives.


The Sitecore Experience Platform was selected as the preferred content management and marketing platform as it enabled:

  • Extensive User Analytics to facilitate continuous optimisation of the site
  • Intuitive content production and management
  • Integrated marketing suite
  • Ability to integrate with third party systems
  • Implementation of SEO strategies


A bold vision to create a Digital Mental Health Gateway, Head to Health, has enabled people and professionals to choose the products and services that can best support a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Head to Health is about connecting people with resources and supporting them conveniently, safely and securely.

The interface design and UX process went through rigorous reviews with a variety of stakeholders from all facets of the mental health community.

A thorough User Acceptance Testing (UAT) period followed, involving approximately 2,000 users providing input into the process. The website functionality and design was fine-tuned based on the vast amount of feedback provided.

  • Mobile responsive website
  • Best practice User Experience design
  • Quality, curated content
  • Intuitive search engine to connect users with relevant mental health and wellbeing resources
  • Finalist 2019 DTA's Australian Government Digital Awards for Outstanding Methodology or Approach.
  • Winner 2018 AMY Award for Collaboration
  • Winner 2018 AMY Award in the Product category for Healthy Living
  • Winner 2018 Sitecore Experience Award for the Best Web Content category in Australia & New Zealand
  • Winner IMA Best in Class 2018 Award in the Healthcare category with a score of 495/500

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