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PPQ Website Awards
B.Young POSTED ON 8 Dec 2015

Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) – Winner in the ‘Best eCommerce Solution’ category of the Sitecore Experience Awards 2015 (Aus and NZ)

Speedwell is proud to announce that our client site, Personalised Plates Queensland (PPQ) has been awarded Winner of the Best eCommerce Solution (Australia & New Zealand) in the Sitecore Experience Awards 2015.


PPQ.COM.AU is the main sales portal for Queenslanders to create and purchase their choice of personalised vehicle number plates. The solution combines the best of interactive digital technology, using the Sitecore Experience Platform at its core while integrating with secure third party systems to deliver an immersive customer experience.


Although customers have previously been able to interact and build their personalised plates online, the experience was limited and areas of the site were not at their optimum performance. An in-depth digital strategy and scoping phase identified key goals to be achieved. The focus was mobile responsive site redesign, increased site interaction and improved user experience resulting in higher conversion rates, thereby increasing overall revenue.


A typical customer journey was modelled, from acquisition to engagement and sale. The first phase has been implemented and further phases of development, aimed at an even more enriched and mature customer experience are to be deployed in future releases.


The “Create a Plate” feature allows the customer to interact with the full product offering in a single screen. Vehicle type, plate size, combination, design and colours can be managed and the validation of choices implemented for the user in real-time.


PPQ Create a Plate


The experience is one of non-linear customisation – the customer is empowered to change their mind, reverse a choice they have made or enhance their selection with options.


With each selection or change the customer can see their chosen, personalised product being assembled on the screen in front of them.


The project has entailed a phased migration of site features and components from the incumbent CMS to Sitecore without interruption in availability while both systems operated in tandem.


Speedwell is proud to be partnered with PPQ in further developing and improving the innovation of their award-winning solution.


PPQ iPad




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