Brisbane Airport App at airport
R.Blaxell POSTED ON 14 Oct 2016

Speedwell flying high with the Brisbane Airport App

Speedwell has been working with Brisbane Airport Corporation since 2013 when we developed the very first Brisbane Airport iPhone app. Since then, we have continued to deliver various digital solutions – expanding the app into the Android platform, implementing updates on the iPhone platform and integrating the Apple Watch.


Updates to Brisbane Airport App

In conjunction with the Online Brand Management team, the latest release of the iPhone and Android versions of the Brisbane Airport app features: 


  • A new ‘look and feel’ that reflects Brisbane Airport Corporation’s refreshed corporate branding.
  • Social sign-in that allows users with a Facebook or Google account to receive exclusive offers from Brisbane Airport.
  • Expansion of the language set of the app from English and Chinese simplified to now include Japanese and Korean.
  • A new “Book” section that allows for easy booking of parking, rental cars and hotels.
  • Enhancements to improve the user experience of the app.



Download the App

Download the iPhone app here | Download the Android app here



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