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S.Aylott POSTED ON 11 Oct 2017

Digital Marketplace helps Brisbane companies win Govt IT deal

Two small Brisbane IT firms have joined forces to land a major Government IT project through the Digital Marketplace.

Brisbane digital company, Speedwell, joined forces with digital designers Liquid Interactive, to build the Federal Government’s new digital mental health gateway which launched this week for Mental Health Week.

Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor, today met staff at the two companies to congratulate them on the gateway and outline opportunities ahead for the Brisbane tech sector.

“It is great to be here today to meet the Speedwell and Liquid Interactive teams and hear about their success,” Assistant Minister Taylor said.

“This is just the kind of local consortia we want to see selling us their ideas, leveraging their innovations and using the productivity that only small, agile companies can achieve.”


Michael Bourke (Liquid Interactive), the Hon Angus Taylor, Bruce Young (Speedwell)
Michael Burke (Liquid Interactive), the Hon Angus Taylor, Bruce Young (Speedwell)

The Government has recently announced procurement changes that will target an additional $650 million annually at the Australian SME tech sector.

Commonwealth IT contracts are now capped at a maximum value of $100 million and/or three years’ duration. IT panels will also be reduced in size.

The new rules will allow smaller players like Speedwell and Liquid Interactive to bid for components of larger projects.

Speedwell CEO Bruce Young said winning the gateway project had been their biggest success in 20 years.

“This was a major contract for our two companies. We employ around 40 people each, so in the scheme of government suppliers we’re relatively small and this proves that we can punch above our weight,” Mr Young said.

“What’s great about this website is the decision-making support tools. Sam the Chatbot provides a warm, conversational feel and allows users to anonymously research and find relevant information on mental health.”

Minister Taylor encouraged more local tech companies to jump on the Digital Marketplace.

“Since its inception only a year ago, the Marketplace has seen more than $44 million of contracts awarded and 78 per cent of those, worth $34 million, have gone to smaller businesses.”

The Digital Marketplace has new categories for digital business, such as cybersecurity, data science, content and publishing, and marketing and communications.

There are currently 657 registered sellers and 775 registered government buyers.

Media contacts:
Assistant Minister Taylor - Sarah Bucknell 0448 111 669





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