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How an Agile Mindset can turbocharge your business performance

Top Strategies to Improve Project Delivery & Workplace Efficiency

Business performance management is a set of performance management and analytic processes that enables the management of an organisation's performance to achieve one or more pre-selected goals. For a business to be successful, every business owner or manager needs to ensure that their business is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the business requires an understanding of the key drivers within the business and a practical approach to implementing processes that will optimise these key drivers. In our experience, there are 3 impediments to business performance that need to be tackled:

1. Too much focus on the process, and not enough on the outcomes
2. Lack of alignment in the work
3. Time and money wasted on non-value accretive work

How to address these problems?
1. Focus Exclusively on Outcomes
The Agile Methodology is iterative as well as an incremental approach that supports output delivery in small increments. Your team divides the required functionality into multiple iterations, and by end of each iteration, you'll deliver the outcome or minimum viable product. There are many benefits of an agile approach. Simply put, agile is incredibly effective for productivity because it helps keep everyone focused on one task at a time. That's precisely what teams need to do in order to complete large scope projects or deliver a strategic outcome. When teams try to do too many things at once, they will ultimately fail from being overwhelmed and disorganised.





2. Align the Work and the Teams Doing It
There is no such thing as “Business” and “IT” – IT is part of the business, just like Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Logistics. Technology (as represented by IT) is increasingly a key factor (often THE key factor) in business success. Technology development needs to be tightly aligned to business objectives, and the teams doing the work need to be organised like an orchestra – singing off the same hymn sheet to deliver outstanding performance. Adopting an Agile Mindset ensures teams are clear on the objective and are working to deliver the same outcome.

3. Determine your project productivity challenges
Finding out your organisation’s current problems is the starting point. Some problems – speed, efficiency and productivity, maybe improved by applying the agile methodology. If you have a large organisation to manage, consider gathering feedback with survey tools to help identify pain points early.

4. Identify a group open to new ideas.
Identify which people in your organisation are open to new ideas. These will be your ambassadors, staff that will champion this delivery method. In meeting with the early adopter group, explain the experiment to them. In addition, you may suggest several possibilities for the first sprint. The more that you allow this team to own the outcomes more change of this methodology being adopted.

Technology should be the backbone of what accelerates business efficiencies, not a blocker to your business productivity.

Connected systems and digital ecosystems have been proven to drive efficiencies across all business units regardless of business size. Marketing teams on average spend a week a month doing activity measurement and reporting. Integrating business endpoints into digestible insight dashboard is now best practice and allows teams to deliver strategies at scale backed by data. Cloud-based business analytics services such as Microsoft Power BI gives you a single view of your most critical business data. The tool allows you to monitor the health of your business using a live dashboard and data-rich interactive reports. Read our recommendations to increase productivity in your business

  1. Connect dispersed workforces
  2. Enable collaboration tools.
  3. Incorporate Automation Tools
  4. Manage Passwords Effectively
  5. Evaluate if your current technology is capable of achieving your c-suite strategic objectives.
  6. Utilise Data Visulisation Tools
Accelerate Your Project Delivering With Our Expertise

With 2020 fast approaching many of our clients are investing in strategic planning workshops with our team of project delivery experts. These workshops are aimed at completing a retrospective on the past 12 months, evaluate what is working, what didn't and set new objectives and goals for the year.

We've had some great feedback with most commenting on how it has been great to refine their strategies to overcome future roadblocks.

After the workshop, the Speedwell team documents the outcomes and finding and put it all together into an action plan which details monthly actions, tactics, goals, and metrics to measure. If your business is interested in accelerating your strategic business outcomes book a workshop today




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