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Head to Health AMY Award Winner

Head to Health project wins Australia’s toughest digital awards

Speedwell are thrilled to have the Head to Health project win a coveted AMY Award in not just one but two categories!
  • The AMY Award for Collaboration
  • The AMY Award for Healthy Living (Product)

This is a great acknowledgment of the product and co-design process to develop it. We congratulate the entire team involved in delivering this award-winning, community project.

Australian Government Digital Marketplace opportunity

The opportunity to build and operate the new digital mental health gateway was released by the Australian Department of Health via the Digital Marketplace. The new online presence, was to replace an existing site called MindHealthConnect - the overarching brief was to deliver an engaging user experience for Australians seeking access to high quality mental health advice and resources.

As a panellist of the Digital Transformation Agency, Speedwell won this major Government IT project by joining forces with digital designers, Liquid interactive. In collaboration with the Australian Department of Health, the Head to health project set a new benchmark for co-design in the digital mental health sector. Equally, it is a significant example of a MVP delivered on-time and under budget using agile development.

The co-design process

Speedwell and Liquid Interactive were at the heart of the co-design process. The team listened, synthesised and incorporated advice and ideas from a diverse group of stakeholders and community members.

The complex collaboration brought together over 40 community members with lived experience of mental illness, 30 service providers at both executive and operational levels, mental health professionals, government staff, and five vendors covering project management, design and development, co-design facilitation and user research.

This level of engagement was vital for two reasons. First, Head to Health needed to represent the voice and interests of this entire stakeholder group, who had interests that were sometimes common and other times competing.

Second, after decades of passionate advocacy from lived experience consumers, the Australian government wanted to engage in community-led design to genuinely represent the needs and values of the community.

More about the Awards

After 23 years, the prestigious AMY awards have a very distinguished heritage. These awards have earned a reputation for being the toughest award to win, and in 2018 the AMY’s are more customer focussed and relevant than ever before.

The AMYs award products and campaigns for digital excellence, and for each award there is only one winner! There are no prizes for second place.

Head to Health award category wins:

The AMY Award for Collaboration
This award is a unique and inspiring opportunity to honour the achievements and hard work of the people and teams behind the success stories. It inspires others in the industry to aspire to achieve the same success with their combined client and agency team. The entry focuses on how collaboration within the client-agency team enabled the work to meet or exceed the each of the five criteria.

The AMY Award for Healthy Living (Product)
This award focuses on the role of digital, technology and services to help customers follow a healthy living regime. The winner will focus product or campaigns on customers who want to live a healthy lifestyle including food and fitness. Be it a service available across devices and touchpoints, a single health living product such as a meal plan or an experience to further to goal toward healthy living, the winner will showcase the value delivered to the customer.

About Speedwell

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