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Showcase: Highly secure mobile, document delivery solution, Dossiere

Dossiere, will be showcased at the Public Sector Innovation Show on 26 March demonstrating the distribution, integration and collaboration benefits for Government.

Senior Public Sector leaders will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations of Dossiere, the application already transforming the way government departments and organisations electronically share and collaborate on classified documents.

Bruce Young, CEO of digital agency, Speedwell and founder of Dossiere says, “the security implementation and large feature-set of Dossiere makes it the perfect platform for the distribution of classified and sensitive documents within Government.”

Dossiere was initially built with a number of features and benefits to meet the high security requirements of Government. Corporate boards, executive teams and project teams now also benefit from the features that make it an ideal electronic board paper solution.

These features include: multiple levels of encryption for document safety; the ability to customise for enterprise level implementation; and a flexible, easy to use interface with real-time review and annotation capabilities (regardless of location). Secure hosting is delivered on public cloud, private cloud or on-premise.

With the impending Federal Election, it is timely for agencies and departments to consider how they are distributing classified documents, particularly their Incoming Government Briefings. Those departments who are yet to migrate to an electronic document delivery solution can do so, quickly and cost effectively, with Dossiere.

Learn how Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet benefited with Dossiere

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About the Public Sector Innovation Show

Public Sector Innovation Show in Canberra will bring together federal, state and local government agencies and statutory bodies to discuss the critical challenges of achieving a more innovative, transformative and sustainable public sector in Australia.

With 1000+ attendees and Senior Public Sector Leaders from all main Federal Departments attending this will be an ideal forum and timely in light of the upcoming Federal election, to showcase the capabilities and relevancy of Dossiere to Government departments and agencies.

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